Limitless Hair Expert - How to Avoid Losing More Hair While Gaining Hair

Limitless Hair Expert - How to Avoid Losing More Hair While Gaining Hair

Every method of adding hair, meaning every hair replacement. Every hair extension, every hair replacement.

What are the THREE Most Natural Tips for Adding Hair?

What are the THREE Most Natural Tips for Adding Hair?

Hair loss can happen to anyone at any age. There are many causes of hair loss, just check what is the main causes of hair loss and what is the best solution for hair loss.  

Exercise for Hair Growth – Natural Hair Loss Solutions


Exercise for Hair Growth – Natural Hair Loss Solutions

If you have any degree of hair loss—one step to take is good health.  Overall good health maximizes the health of your hair too.  Exercising will not correct a hair loss problem although it will at least help slow down some hair fall-out by just good blood circulation.

Exercising is just one of many steps you can take to optimize the health of your hair, and it’s a step that adds to your overall health and appearance.  Meaning, the more you do things to take care of yourself health and appearance wise the more of these good things become easier within your life.

So no matter what kind of hair loss you may have—meaning any form of Alopecia, female pattern thinness or female pattern baldness, male pattern baldness, androgenic Alopecia or any kind or degree of hair loss your overall health counts. 

This video is simply to provide you with some simply exercise you can partake in.            

           There is such a routine called “diver’s push-up” and this is very similar to the yoga move of chaturanga but a little faster. You start in a downward dog position with your hands on the ground and your hips high. Now with your feet on the ground, so you form a triangle shape, in a fluid motion, dive toward the floor with your head down, coming into a low push-up position, and then swoop chest forward and up so you end in an upward dog position. Now push your hips up to return to starting position.

            This type of exercise helps regulate the supply of blood which helps in hair growth. Just like the “sarvangasana” for example, this can give satisfying results for people suffering from hairfall and baldness conditions.

            Remember that one of the reasons why we encounter hair loss and other hair problems has something to do with the kind of blood circulation that our scalps receive. That is why performing exercises which keep blood well-flowing is a helpful solution to cases of hair loss. Try doing the diver’s push-up often and see an improvement on your hair growth!

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Hair stranding required no surgery - A letters from anonymous (Volume3)


We have so many clients who want to spread the word about InvisaBlend’s amazing hair loss solution, Hair Stranding.

But often with hair loss our clients want to be discreet. With our blog series Letters from Anonymous our Hair Stranding clients anonymously speak about their experiences with Hair Stranding.


"I’m a Mom that lives a busy lifestyle. I have four wonderful children which certainly doesn’t help with keeping my hair, they’re a handful! My newborn is messy of course and when I tried using powders I felt like I was cleaning all day. It got all over my house and even on my kids. Not to mention it was embarrassing. I didn’t want to hair restoration. The idea of it scared me and I didn’t want my hair shaved off. When Dino told me Hair Stranding required no surgery and would be very discreet I decided to give it a try. No mess, no upkeep, I’m completely hooked. Give the free trial a test and see for yourself!"