Don’t you hate it when your hair gives you a headache!! What is a hair hangover? It’s not the same hangover you get when you’ve had one to many drinks the night before. It’s when your hair extensions need to cover or “hangover” inadequate areas of your hair and scalp. The worst feeling ever is having to hide certain areas of your head because your unit or extensions can’t adequately cover all areas where your hair is thinner. This is okay just looking in the mirror but it totally restricts your daily life having to watch if something has moved out of place or the wind blew a certain way. INVISABLEND will never leave you with a hair hangover again! This new Micro Fiber technology adds hair in between your existing hairs giving you evenly distributed volume and coverage in any area you wish, even right up to your hairline! Seems to good to be true? Call us for a free trial run so you can experience how Invisablend is the closest thing to having nothing on your scalp. Did I mention this new technology last for 3 to 4 years?! Call to book a free consultation and trial run today. 800-992-9976