Become a Limitless Hair Expert!

Hello, my name is Dino and I'm the gentleman who invented Hair Stranding.

I want to welcome you to becoming a Hair Stranding client. I want to introduce a couple of little basics to you. I want you to realize that Hair Stranding is revolutionary, although it is also very flexible. 

So as being a new Hair Stranding client, I want you to know it is very flexible and anything can be adjusted. It can be adjusted to add more hair or less hair. so please don't worry if
you need to get used to it. Sometimes people love it right off the bat, sometimes they need a second haircut, sometimes they need a second adjustment for some reason. But that's normal, just remember hair stranding is the most flexible way to add hair. And just remember, it's normal to have adjustments made to it. It's normal to get used to it. Some people are hair wearers and they already understand about wearing additional hair, and some people are new to it. So the more you're new, the more you're going to have a little bit of an adjustment period, that might take a couple days, it may take a couple weeks. But go slow, you may like a lot of hair in the beginning and after wearing it you may want another hair cut, but don't worry, it can be adjusted very easily.

Now the next video we're going to go into is about the feel. So please watch the next video talking about how it should feel. Thank you, see you soon.

- Dino DonDiego