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Hello Dino here, welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video. The subject today is how to evaluate all the different methods of hair addition. Now when I say hair addition, I mean methods of adding. It could mean hair extensions, hair weaves, all methods of adding hair.


Here’s a good way to evaluate this. You have to look at all the different ways under different categories. Because in the industry there’s hundreds of different ways of adding hair. So it can be quite confusing.


The first category is hair replacement, sometimes called a hair unit or hair system. When they do a hair replacement, there’s many different names of hair replacement, because all these different companies put their own name to it. So it could sound confusing, but it’s still under one category, a hair replacement or system. Now when you do a hair system or hair replacement, it’s some kind of unit or base and it’s put on top of your hair. This is usually for severe hair loss. The reason is because they take this base and cover your hair. In most cases they will shave your hair to add this base on top of your hair. You will lose hair to add hair, but that’s one category.


The next category is hair weaves. There’s many different names of hair weaves and hair extensions, but they all fall under the same category. There done by bonds, different terminologies of bonds. Keratin bonds, tape strips, but they all fall under the category of hair extensions or hair weaves. And you should know this, they all cause additional hair loss.


Now wigs, everyone knows what a wig is. A wig covers your existing hair, but it’s not healthy for your hair because it doesn’t allow your scalp to breathe. So it’s very important to let your scalp breathe, but that’s another category of adding hair.

There’s a medical category, hair transplants or hair implants, a surgical procedure where they take hair from the back of your head, called the donor area, and they transplant it to the front of your head. There’s a mathematical problem with this, the donor area is 25 sometimes 30% of your hair, and the top area where you need hair is about 70%. So you can never have enough hair to fill up the top of your hair. Now sometimes in the beginning there is enough, because maybe you just have a small area to fill in. But as you get more thin, it will cause a problem because you will run out of your donor area.


So think of these different methods not as names, because it will drive you crazy, there’s so many different names. Think of them as categories instead.


In Summary the categories are;

  • Hair Systems and Hair Units
  • Hair Weaves and Hair Extensions
  • Wigs
  • Hair Transplants and Hair Implants.


The quote for today is “The law of belief is what makes you limitless.”


There is a law called the law of belief and it states you come what you belief. Your beliefs are what establish you as a person and what causes you to grow as a person. The law of belief what is will make you limitless or put caps on you, so believe in yourself in what you can do and what you can produce.


Stay tuned for our next video called “How to Evaluate Growing your Hair vs Adding Hair”


I’ll see you soon.