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We believe that every hair on your head is precious and valuable, so the health of your hair and scalp comes first. That is why InvisaBlend created a method to provide you with additional hair fullness while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair and scalp.

The concept of adding additional hair while encouraging your own hair growth is all possible due to the invention of the Micro Strand®. The Micro Strand® is as fine as single human hair plus it is translucent and disappears upon contact with your scalp. Single human hairs are fed one hair at a time onto the Micro Strand®. Upon contact with your scalp, you see and feel nothing but single hairs which appear to be growing directly out of your scalp.

InvisaBlend® is so highly advanced that it is soon to make all other methods of adding hair obsolete in comparison. To see the options for your hair situation InvisaBlend® offers a “FREE Private Video Call”. A hair expert can then provide you with a few different options in accordance with what you need to achieve.

InvisaBlend® headquarters is in New Jersey, USA. There are over 100 affiliate offices worldwide and growing quickly. Our goal is to make the Micro Strand® method available to everyone worldwide. We offer training to hair professional internationally to provide this option to everyone in need of more hair.

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