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How to Keep your hair Healthy & GROWING FREE?

Hello my name is Dino and welcome to Advanced Benefit number one the subject is ‘Health’, this is critically important and there is a reason why it’s number one, because Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is the first and only method that add hair while keeping your hair healthy. Now I want to emphasize the very important point here All methods, when I say all methods I mean Hair weaves all kind of Hair Extensions any sort of Hair System, Hair Unit any kind of Wig. All of those methods have one thing common this is really important they all give you hair but a trade-off make you lose hair, all they have a high probability causing you to lose your hair it’s not a good trade-off no one wants to add hair and loose hair because of it. These was the number one reason of inventing the Hair Stranding by Invisablend it was to invent and make available a method of add hair that kept your hair healthy, not only kept your hair healthy but allow to grow gave you for access to the scalp to a very important issue. 

So how do we do that we invented something called a ‘micro-strand’ you might have seen in another video. A micro-strand is a filament which is a thread of sorts that is fine is a hair except it’s ten times stronger and it’s translucent and what i mean is translucent it’s a filament that looks just like a hair as soft as a hair but when you touch it against your skin your scalp it disappears that’s what translucent means, here is an example of it and this micro-strand is net together or network together forming a sort of diamond web and then single human hair added onto this and when you add one hair at a time onto this and use microscopic tip instrument that has a microscopic tip only big enough or to get one hair at a time. So imagine we gonna take this and visible micro-strand and then we gonna put one hair at a time on it. (See Video) this is one the micro-strand example, the micro-strand after the hair is being added. So if you notice it looks like single human hair just floating sort of a hair in the air. When this gets blended between your hair here’s the health factor.

You have full access to the scalp, when you down to the scalp you feel nothing and can put any kind of treatment on your scalp, any kind treatment to moisturize your scalp, any kind of treatment to stimulate growth or the slow downfall out because it gives you the access, so this gives you the ability to get down to your scalp and hair to free and when you brush your hair you feel like nothing there the teeth of the brush or the comb go directly down into the scalp so health issue is very important because the invention of the micro-strand allows you to have full access to the scalp, allows the scalp to breathe to utilize all your hair and to be able to scalp to breath naturally, so you can brush and use your hair anywhere you want. Even with the hair transplant you can use those hairs and blend them through. So the purpose of this healthwise is to use all your hair in with this to have full access to the scalp, so that way your scalp breaths and hair maintain healthily. 

So when the health factor with this invention is critically important and everyone should know about it. ok So that’s our first blog on video of ‘Advance benefit‘ now stay tuned for the next video ‘Advance benefit’ number two which is “A purely natural nothing list feel this is very important” and see you soon. Thank you.

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