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InvisaBlend allows 100% full scalp access!

Hello and Welcome to ‘Advanced Benefit’ number four “Scalp access” this is another very important thing that doesn’t exist anywhere else it’s very important to have full scalp access think about this all methods of adding hair they all have one thing in common they all add hair but cause you to remove or lose hair in the process and everyone knows this nowadays so it’s important is to keep your existing hair and scalp healthy one of the elements of keeping it healthy is to have full 100% scalp access. So as a reminder I’m going to hold up the micro stand again hard to see hard to feel I want it to be logical to the audience here that if this is in between your hair and down against your scalp and all your hair is blended between this logically.

Would you have full scalp access and the answer is obviously YES, so this is between your hair and between your hair and down into your scalp this has to be obvious to you the viewer that you’re going to have full access to your scalp why number one for health reasons you want to be able to touch your scalp easily and get right down to the scalp you want to be able to put a scalp treatment on a moisturizer on and easily get immediately right down to the scalp that’s very very important, even progressing even past that if you want to use any kind of treatment to help stimulate your growth hair stranding is the only method that will allow you to add hair have the hair you want to have while simultaneously stimulating your hair growth, why because this is the only method that you can add hair and still have a hundred percent access to the scalp,

Even if you went to a doctor and akhom treatments in they would have 100% easy access to the scalp so that’s why you can add the hair you want and do scalp treatments or hair growth treatments of any kind and still get down to the scalp so that way you can have your hair and see if you can grow it to at the same time so please remember that full scalp access is very important it doesn’t exist anywhere else but through this method called hair stranding so please watch our next video advanced benefit number five and that is ‘Stimulate Hair Growth’ and I’ll see you soon

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