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Stimulating Hair Growth

Hello Dino here and this video is advance benefit number five and number five is “Stimulating hair growth” and here’s what I want you to know this is the only method that you can add hair and also add some sort of treatment any treatment, it can be a topical treatment it could be a laser treatment any treatment in existence that will help you stimulate your hair growth.

The hair stranding is the only method that allows you to add the hair you want and get the hair you want and simultaneously stimulate your hair growth alright and the reason why and I showed you this before it’s all because of the invention of the micro strain as you can see this or not the beauty of the micro strand is that it’s open it allows us to add hair in between your hair while you have 100% full access to your scalp, that’s why you can apply treatments even if you were getting a treatment from a doctor and he was putting an injection in or whether it was topical.

No matter what the treatment is with this hair stranding you can add hair have, the hair vine you want and stimulate your hair growth at the same time now if you’re in a situation where you don’t believe you can simulate the hair growth or you can’t because it’s gone too far that’s fine but I just want to bring up this hair stranding is the only method that you could add hair have the volume you want and also stimulate hair growth at the same time allow your hair to grow freely because this leaves your existing here alone and gives you full 100% access to your scalp alright so this is very important so please take this to point because it allows you to do that alright and I’ll see you soon on the next video advanced benefit number six is called the “Blending factor” see you soon.

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