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Hello Dino here and welcome to Advanced Benefit number six and that is “The blending factor” now there’s something very interesting that is created through this Hair Stranding that doesn’t exist through any other method in the world and that’s something called the blending factor here’s what the blending factor is, it means that you don’t have to match now normally people come to us and say you’re going to match my hair meaning you’re going to match the texture you’re going to match the color we say only, if you want here’s the reason why with any other method of adding hair in existence in the world you’ll have to match the texture and you have to match the color or colors with this hair stranding it’s the only method that is easier much easier to match the color and to match the texture plus here’s the key factor you don’t have to match it if you don’t want now why would you not want to match it reason is maybe your hair is too coarse and you don’t like the feel of it maybe your hair is curly and you love the curl but you don’t like the frizz in it all right maybe you semi like your hair color but you wish it was a little less red or a little less ashy or a little dark or had more to it most cases people like to change their existing here.

Hair stranding is the only method that enables you to alter it with one hundred percent of a perfect match and that is the blending factor and here is the blending factor when you add or if you can add hair one hair at a time coming in different directions evenly blend it when you add hair like that then you could mix in any hair color you can go as far as a brunette you can take a blonde example if someone had a hair color like me you would hold this up and say there’s this match you would say no way it’s opposite this method I can take this blend it into my hair and it would still blend it would look just like I had blond highlights added that’s the blending factor the blending factor is because hair stranding is done adding one hair at a time onto the micro strand this is the micro strand after the hair is added this is an example of the finished product. 

So now when you add one hair at a time onto the micro strand and what is the results of this it’s one hair at a time spread apart from each other that’s the same way it goes out of your head when you add hair like this and blend it in between it then enables you to blend in any color to blend in highlights to blend in a different texture if you want the blending factor ultimately means that it will always match 100% so our next video will be advanced benefit number 7 and that is duplicating hair growth very important I’ll see you soon.

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