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Non-Maintenance Attachment

welcome to advance benefit number eleven non maintenance attachment also revolutionary so there is a third attachment that you do not need maintenance so remember the objective with hair stranding by invisablend is to make this available to the widest range of people so this attachment allows you the individual to attach it and maintain it yourself if you choose to okay and that is we use something very special called a comb lock and a comb lock is a miniature comb it’s only about as big as your pinkie now it’s filled with hair and please understand this it’s attached underneath the microscope and right there after it’s custom-made for you and it’s attached underneath it and it’s part of the micro strand so now this enables you to apply this yourself blend the hair through and here’s the important part you can still keep it on through swimming and showering and shampooing and sleeping it can still stay on you can remove it and detach it whenever you want even if it’s every day or you can leave it on for a whole month or anywhere in between so in it ables you to control it and therefore you do not need maintenance that’s why it’s not maintenance meaning you do not need to go back to a Hair Studio that maintains the hair stranding so please understand that and just to summarize there’s three attachments each of these three attachments mentioned can be interchanged from one attachment to the other anytime you want as many times you want so please watch our next video which is advanced benefit number 12 and that is fingerprint customization you’re gonna find this very interesting.

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