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Finger Print Customization

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 12 “Fingerprint customization” now this is very important with all other methods of adding hair they are cookie cutted or similar or close to being cookie cut it meaning there’s so many different ways the hair is applied although conversely with Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend there’s an endless ways of making it customized because of the invention of the Micro Strand customized in literally thousands of different ways

So it is like a fingerprint when we look at each individual we can customize this individualize like a fingerprint that’s why we call it fingerprint customization there’s thousands of ways of different of making this so it’s very precisely customized and you’ll find out when you come in and get a free trial you’ll see the details also in other videos we’ll get into more details on how this is customized literally in thousands of thousands of different ways okay so now please watch our next video which is advanced benefit number 13 and that is “Millimeter distribution” I’ll see you soon.

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