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Precise Percentage Volume Distribution

Welcome to advance benefit number 14 which is “Precise percentage volume distribution” sounds like a mouthful but it’s very important now in addition to a previous video, I’ve it’s explaining to everyone that the micro strand comes in different sized millimeters and that helps to customize it in a very precise way and that’s what I stated in a previous video in a previous advance benefit, now there’s another step to that and that is precise percentage volume distribution on each of these whether you can see this or not doesn’t matter the micro strand is shaped into like little diamond shapes and on each of the line to give this there are four lines to a diamond on each line we can actually custom design specific percentages of hair.

So let me give an example on let’s just say one line because this is on each line and there’s four lines to a diamond on each line we can put a 25% density, which means that each line is 75% there with no hair we can put a 50% density which means each line is 50% bare with no hair, we can put a 75% density which means each line is bare 25% with no hair we can put a hundred percent density, which means each line is completely filled up there’s also 125 percent density and there’s also 150% density.

So we can control the density on each individual line of each diamond alright and we can control the density anywhere throughout the head so combining the different millimeter sizes that I mentioned in a previous video with the density per each line gives us an easing control of volume not just buying them in general but to specifically put certain volumes on certain areas of the head which creates a perfect balance this is a very important advance benefit that just does not exist anywhere else so now for our next video which will be advanced benefit number 15 that is “How to eliminate or reduce hair coloring” and/or perming I’ll see on the next video.

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