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How to Eliminate Highlighting

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 16 and that is “How to eliminate highlighting” now you do not have to eliminate highlighting when you have Invisablend or the Hair Stranding blend it into your hair, you can still highlight your hair as much as you want although what it does is enables you to highlight your hair without the need of coloring. So you can have the highlights and not actually put your hair through the process of highlighting therefore keeping your hair healthy saving you money saving you time and this is a very advanced benefit and here’s how it works on the actual micro strand you can pick any combination of colors any combination, whatsoever example you could say you want this blonde with a certain tone of brown mixed in you can mix two colors you can mix three colors whatever you like but here’s where it gets really interesting and that is you can mix exact percentages

So let me give an example if you said you wanted this blonde sixty percent and you want forty percent of a soft brown you would pick those two colors from a human hair swatch that you can actually put next to your face and see how the colors go with your skin tone go with your appearance okay you would pick a specific percentage of each color then what they do they weigh those colors out and they give you that exact percentage

So it’s more precise than any other hairdresser can possibly do on your hair so not only enables you to eliminate the need of highlighting your hair because it can be built-in to the hair stranding it also gives you more precise balance of two or more colors so it’s a great benefit so it allows you to highlight your hair to any type of highlight you possibly would like to have remember it’s all you in hair so you can also change it later on any time you want so stay tuned for our next advance benefit number 17 and that is how to reduce your percentage of gray without coloring I’ll see you soon.

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