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How to Reduce Your Grey Hair Percentage

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 17 and that is “Reduce your gray hair percentage” now this is a great benefit if you have gray hair and you’re okay with gray hair you just want to reduce it. Invisablend or Hair Stranding, through Invisablend is the only method that could reduce your gray hair while still keeping some gray hair.

So it’s almost like the colors that they have like they have Grecian formula out there where they comb through color and instead of getting rid of all your gray, it could diminish it or lower the percentage because of the invention of the micro strand, remember this is the micro strand it’s very hard to see and because we put one hair at a time on this and that becomes this the finished micro strand because we’re putting one hair at a time on this when this gets blended in between your existing hair you do not need to match color exactly you can if you want to match your color exactly but if you want to alter your color or diminish your percentage of gray you can put in a hair color with a less grey than yours or no grey than yours and because it’s evenly distributing hair in between your hair it’s going to blend in beautifully and it’s going to reduce your percentage of gray so that’s another great advantage so now for our next advanced benefit number 18 that is “Last three to four years” and I’m going to explain why and how that’s possible I’ll see you soon.

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