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Duplication of a Real Growing Hairline

Hello Dino here again and welcome to advanced benefit number 19 and that is “Duplication of a real growing hair line” so Hair Stranding through and Ritalin developed a way of duplicating a real natural hair line and here’s how it’s broken down into little baby steps, it’s broken down into studying a real growing hair line and studying every little element about that and then emulating each element. So number one here’s

Number one and that is follow a natural hair line, natural hair lines are never straight they usually peak in and then come back down, so a natural hair line has to be blended in a very uneven way because hair lines are uneven and depending on each individual’s unevenness of their hair line. We will duplicate that hair line so example if somebody has a widow’s peak we’re going to duplicate the widow’s peak if somebody has a widow’s peak it then it goes straight and then it dips in we’re going to follow that exact hair line if you follow the natural flow of the hair line you’re then duplicating the growth of the hair line okay that’s number one

Number two which should be done you should always put different color shadings in even if your hair is black you always want to put a slightly different color mixed into the hair line because technically hair lines have a lightness to it that you can see into the hair line a little bit they’re not very blunt first of all they’re not straight and they’re not blunt with a strong starting point conversely what they really are is opposite of that what they are is you can see into them and some of the hairs lighten up in the front hairline, so with Invisablend or hair stranding through Invisablend we put slightly different color shadings ever so subtly throughout that hairline and that combined with an uneven hairline makes a very natural hairline next number three what we do is we put different hair lengths mixed in even if your hair length is all one heroines we want to mix different hair lengths because in a real growing hairline no one has every hair growing out of their hairline that’s the exact same hair length and the reason is because hair is always shedding and regrowing. So you’re always having a shorter hair and a little longer hair or longer that’s how real hair grows out of the hairline, we want to duplicate that step also so we put different hair lens throughout the hairline now when you combine that different hair lens throughout the hairline different shadings ever so subtly and on an even hairline you’re emulating the natural way of real hairline grows out of the scalp okay

So we follow those steps and we’re able to follow those steps because of the invention of the micro strand one hair at a time on this when you’re adding one here at a time it enables you to do different things like that it enables you to add different shadings in because you’re adding one here at a time you could put five of your color another – of a slightly different color in there because you’re adding one here at a time same thing with hair length we can add different hair lengths in through the hairline okay and same thing with creating a natural hairline just in reference to uneven hairline okay

So now there’s two ways of doing this if you have existing hair we will blend the open micro strand in between your existing hair and this can be cut to trace the exact hairline and that’s number one if you’re adding hair in an area where you still have some hair next if you have no hair in that hairline the millimeter opening becomes an m1 this is an m1 only for completely bald hairline and on an m1 we still follow these same three principles we add hair on even because this will enables us to make on an even hairline the m1 micro strand we add different shadings in and we add different lengths in also okay. So combining that three together duplicate a natural hairline

So point is in summary we can duplicate a natural hairline whether we’re adding hair and a completely bald area or whether we’re adding hair in a thin area okay so please keep that in mind and stay tuned for advance benefit number 20 and that is an ‘Age appropriate’ I’m going to explain how hair stranding to Invisablend is done in a way to coordinate with your age so we may care or we add hair in a way that’s appropriate to your age okay now see you soon thank you.

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