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Hello Dino here and welcome to advanced benefit number 20 and that is called “Age-appropriate” now there’s something very unique in the industry of adding hair and that’s called ‘Age-appropriate’ you have to balance the way you add hair according to your age and this pertains to both females and males okay

So let’s start first with the ladies in reference the ladies in reference to age-appropriate you don’t want to put too much hair on you want to put an amount of hair that’s in balance with your age. So you’re not putting a lot of hair on to make yourself look like an 18 year old if you’re not an 18 year old alright. So you want to keep balance now here’s how that works with Hair Stranding by Invisablend because of the invention of the Micro Strand which is right here and I’ve showed this many times is very very important because we add one human hair at a time on this this allows this total flexibility it allows us to add less hair in one area and more hair in another so in reference to hair age-appropriate I should say and that is add less hair in the temples when you add less hang on the temples that’s the way hair naturally grows and the way you age you usually lose a little bit more handy temples near temples is a little lighter so the micro strand this invention enables us to add more hair one area less than the other to give you a balance according to age, age-appropriate

Now when it comes to Man this is even a little bit more important with men you want to receive the hairline even more into almost like a V hairline like this when you receive the hairline more it gives a proper age-appropriate look okay and the art of this invention of the micro strand is that you don’t have a limitation on how little hair from the at it with all other methods you have a limitation of the limit of how less hair you can add but because of the micro Stan invention there’s no limitation whatsoever you can put two hairs on it you can give yourself two percent more hairs okay this enables you to add hair appropriately to your age so you have a proper look that you’re comfortable with

So please understand those important details and when you come in we’ll show you different ways of adding hair and there’s no limit to how little hair you can add and that’s the key component to balancing it to age-appropriate so stay tuned for our next advanced benefit number 21 and that is filling in bald areas to you’ll find this very interesting see you then.

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