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How to Get Filling in Bald Areas

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 21 silly in Bald Areas too we’re always asked can the Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend also fill in bald areas and the answer is absolutely yes and in different ways and remember I’ve showed you in other videos the micro strand which is this here the micro strain invention which makes this all possible this is made in different millimeter openings so when you’re filling in bald areas there’s a couple different ways of doing this now some people look at bald areas as being thin but you can see the scalp and some people look at bald areas as being completely bald like the palm of my hand either way that it’s understandable that they’re bald areas if you have a thinning bald area the Micro Strand the open Micro Strand this here that comes in different millimeter openings it can be bridged over a balding area and bridged over a balding area means by the balding area let’s see here in the center I can attach the micro strand on one side and bridge over it and attach it on the other side and even though I’m attaching on hair on one side to the other it’s bridging over and still filling in the balding area okay and you can fill in that bald area without any bond or glue by bridging over it and it’s still full fills it in and the reason why is because the micro strand is soft remember it feels and moves like human hair so it molds to your scalp as your hair is being blended through it and remember the micro strand this is it before hair is added and this is the micro strand after hair is added okay

So either way can be bridged over a thinning or balding area now secondly when it comes to a complete bald area like the palm and that could be done to buy either bridging or by using what’s called a micro strand m1 which I’ve showed this before and that is this here a micro strand m1 this is for a complete bald area and you see how when I lay it against my skin my chin it just completely transparent that’s what I have in the front so we look at my front hairline I have a zero hair there bald like the palm of my hand and the m1 is for that because the m1 is see-through so upon contact of the scalp it goes away it disappears and what do you see you see nothing but single human hairs appearing to be growing directly out of the scalp now an m1 can be used for bridging a right meaning you have hair one side you have hair on the other side and the m1 is just bridged across and it just holds on by itself because the m1 is soft and it molds to your head and stays flat to your head because the m1 micro strand is soft okay

So we’ll hold on by itself now from very large bald areas then we do use something called a locking tape if the bog area balls like upon my hand is on the whole part of the head a very large part of the head then we use a locking tape but a locking tape is safe if it’s on a complete bald area a locking tape or any kind of bond is not safe if it’s on any area that has any amount of hair so it’s only used for complete hundred-percent bald area like the palm of my hand I want to make that very very clear and it’s only used on very large bald areas and because the micro strand itself the m1 or any micro strand because it’s soft and it molds to your head it still has self hold to it so when you do use locking tape on a complete bald area you is very little of it okay so I hope that made sense and I hope that was very helpful to you so stay tuned for our next advance benefit number 22 and that is gradual transformation you’re going to find this very interesting that doesn’t exist anywhere else I’ll see you soon.

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