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Gradual Transformation

Hello and Welcome to advanced benefit number 22 which is “Gradual Transformation” this is very important, does not exist with any other method of adding hair and it’s all due again to the invention of the micro strand this allows you to do a gradual transformation which means if you’re a little bit worried about having too much of a transformation this can add hair and any gradual speed you would like any it’s literally unlimited and it’s all because of the micro strand and here’s why because you can add any amount of hair on the micro strand, now it’s not how much you can add it’s how little you can add because of the micro strand being completely translucent meaning it disappears upon contact of your skin of your scalp because of that principle and because of putting one human hair at a time onto this it enables you to add any amount of hair with no limit on how little and that’s the key no limit on how little I could add two hairs on this and blend this in your hair and you’ll have two more hairs you won’t be able to notice it but it can go that little

No other method of adding hair and Able’s you to do that so with this you can add a very small amount of hair at any speed you want you can have just five percent more hair than ten percent more hair because of the micro strand being invisible upon contact of your scalp now you can do that in a whole area or you can do that in a small area you could have five percent more hair in one area and twenty-five or fifty in another area but either way you can graduate the amount of hair you have so that way it’s very subtle and very comfortable according to your comfort level what’s going to make you feel most comfortable all right now there’s another part of graduating the hair the volume of hair and that is the micro strand is what’s called ‘Independent’ what that means every crossing of the diamond remember there’s four lines to a diamond that make these diamond shapes up they are independent so you can actually cut this and it does not fall apart so what that means at any time you could add hair in a wider open microstrand that gives the hair more dispersement that adds less hair in a given area and later on if you want to sort of beefs it up you could either add more hair to this or you can actually create another micro strand that has a closer opening that then you can then cut out a section and add in another section that’s more densed

So this micro strand enables you to and to the micro strand or cut out a section to add in a new section to create more volume either way so that’s the details of a gradual transformation I hope that makes sense to you because it’s a very important detail that just does not exist in any other method of adding hair so now stay tuned for our next advance benefit number 23 and that is ‘Creating a Hair Thinning’ appearance I’ll see you soon.

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