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Thinning Hair Appearance

Hello Dino here and Welcome to advanced benefit number 23 “Creating a Thinning Hair Appearance” this is a major point in reference to what Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend and can achieve and the reason why the art of adding hair is not how much hair you can add it’s actually how little hair you can add and it still look natural and a major breakthrough is all due to the invention of the micro strand which you’ve seen before but this time what I’ve done is I put it on a piece of paper so maybe you could see it a little differently and when I take my hand and I put my hand underneath it you notice when it’s against skin it’s very hard to see all right and this micro strand is very soft like hair this is the component that enables us to add hair and create a thinning hair appearance here’s the reason why we take a microscopic tip instrument that has a microscopic tip hook only big enough to grab one human hair at a time and we grab one human hair at a time and we tie one human hair at a time onto these micro strands now when you do that you no longer see the micro strands when they’re blended between your hair and down against your scalp you only see single human hairs appearing to be growing directly out of your scalp all right

Now here’s the point because you don’t see the micro strand you only see single hairs looking like they’re spread apart just coming out of the scalp this is what enables you to add any amount of hair when I mean any I mean if you want something that wants a ton of hair you can put a ton of hair in but conversely if you want somebody that wants to have hair at it and still create a thinning hair appearance as if they’re still thinning this invention of the microphone in tables you to do that in fact we could add five hairs on this and blend it between and you wouldn’t even know you had added hair or extra hair there’s five hairs in between your hair you would hardly even notice but the point is you can do that with the micro strand

So I want everyone to clearly understand that there is no limitation on how little hair you can add so if there’s anybody that’s uncomfortable about making a transition I want everyone to know because of the invention of the micro strand any amount of hair could be added we can create a very light subtle appearance or we can create a look like you’re still thinning that’s very very important for our next video advanced benefit number 24 is called “Customized worldwide” and there’s something very important that everyone should know about this and what I mean by this so please watch that next video see you soon.

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