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Hello Dino here and welcome to advanced benefit number 24 “Customized worldwide” now this is very important for the public to know that there’s a way of delivering this to anybody in the world and there’s something that is going on that’s going to make it more and more available because this is a major breakthrough advancement in the world of adding hair and I want everyone to know that ok. So customizing worldwide there’s two parts to it that I want to explain part one due to the invention of the microscope that I showed in the last video which is here and I put it on a piece of paper, so you can see it from the paper and when I put my hand underneath it you notice how it’s a little difficult to see because when the micro strand makes contact to your skin of your scalp it basically disappears and remember there is one human hair at a time attached onto this so in reference to customizing this worldwide we have people in our headquarters office contacting us from different parts of the world all over the US all over outside the US they see the videos they understand that it’s revolutionary they contact us.

So what we do is we have them take pictures of their hair and they send in pictures of their hair and then we do what’s called a phone consultation as long as you send pictures of your hair where we can see the front the top the sides and the back and we could see it clearly which today’s pictures on phones are very very clear then we can actually do what’s called a phone consultation a phone consultation is then us walking you through different options of adding hair so, when you have somebody that needs more hair on the top and the sides we’re able to explain different options of just adding 10% more hair adding 80% more hair just adding here in the front just heading here in the top adding hair all over just on the bottom we go through different options for each individual person, so that way they don’t have one option and it’s all because of the invention of the Micro Strand this again that enables us to give multiple options for every individual situation which is very very important.

So getting back to this consultation we do a phone consultation we’re looking at your pictures we’re looking at your hair and from that we give you different options you then pick an option and then we give you then a design I then design it literally diagram it out on our design form of the hair color you want the hair text you want and by the way the texture and the color is derived from the pictures as long as you send this clear pictures we can match hair color and hair texture very very adamant lean very closely ok so now we take that design we design how much hair we’re putting in each area of the head its diagrammed out then we has to be customized from scratch for each individual when it comes in you then get the micro strand this look terrible as an example this this is an example the finished product the micro strand with hair on it it’ll be customized for you we take it we then send it to you with a video on how you can self apply it now one of sidesteps a second there’s multiple ways of attaching this micro strand there’s a way of attaching it where we professionally attach it and it stays on your head all right and then that way you don’t do anything or but also there’s a way that self attached so this can be attached professionally or can be attached by yourself either way and it could be changed from one attachment to the other because of that that’s how we’re able to customize it ship it to a person was a video on how to apply it which is very easy there’s no person has ever not been able to attach it alright

We’ve been doing this now for years and now they get it they self attach it it stays on their head they can keep it on their head through swimming and showering and everything so it is part of them but they maintain it and they don’t need to come back to us because their self attaching it and maintaining it themselves so that’s how we’re getting it out into the world one way that’s one way the second way is that we licensed this technique to qualified hair companies hair salons hair studios and by licensing this to two different companies and we do presently have licenses licensing studios and hair salons in different parts of the world and we’re just touching the surface with that because we need to share this with the industry because it is a major revolutionary breakthrough and by sharing with the industry we take qualified hair companies and then we teach them how to do this hair straightening by Invisablend okay

By doing that it then makes it more and more available to more and more people throughout the world now when we license someone now that company could provide the self attachment if you’re the type of individual rights to do them something yourself or the professional attachment which means you do nothing and the salon or the Hair Studio blend it in and attaches it and you do nothing so there’s two different main ways of attaching it both professionally where you do nothing and self attach where you do it they both work just as good it’s a personal preference so by licensing certain qualified companies it then opens up Hair Stranding by Invisablend open to more parts of the world with both attachments so in quick summary here we customize this worldwide to any individual that cause calls our or contacts our headquarters office and we’re able to customize it and send it to them with the video and how the self apply it and simultaneously we license different companies that are qualified so they can offer it also and they can offer both attachments alright

So I think that was very important for everyone to understand and stay tuned for our next video advanced benefit number twenty five cost the best part and this you’re going to find fascinating because the invention of the microscope hair stranding enables us to make prices that are very palatable for people very flexible so that’s why this is called price the best part you’re going to find this fascinating I’ll see you soon.

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