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Cost: The Best Part

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 25 called “Price the Best Part” now this is very important because price with this technology really is the best part and here’s why no matter what your hair situation is you will never get one price you will always have multiple price options to select from and here’s the reason why due to this technology being so advanced no matter how much hair you need. We can always add less hair in one area more hair in another or we can just add hair and a major part where you need it later on and more later, so you actually can get multiple different price options so that way you can pick something that’s comfortable for you within your own comfort range of price

So please don’t worry about price or don’t pre assume because it’s extremely flexible when you come in and see this when we look at your hair we’re gonna actually show you something called the “Price Book here” and in this price book it’s gonna have pages in this price book there are pages of crisis so what we’re going to do is involve you on how we price this for you when you come in you’re gonna actually get the book of the prices we’re gonna show you how we measure and where each price falls according to different choices so the point is you’re going to be part of the price selection and you’re going to understand what price equals giving you so much hair and that way you will be able to actually select your own price

So it really is the best part so I hope you’re not worried about price please come in and you’ll see how flexible it is thank you and I’ll see you on the next video advanced benefit number 26 a cure for Trichotillomania and for anyone that doesn’t know what trichotillomania it’s an unconscious condition of pulling your hair out and there’s a cure for it in reference through the Invisablend system alright see you soon on that video thank you.

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