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A Cure for Trichotillomania

Hello and welcome again and this is advanced benefit number 26 and that is “A cure for Trichotillomania” and just to explain this to everyone trichotillomania is very popular and it’s a very tough situation to be in it’s when somebody unconsciously pulls their hair out to relieve stress and again it’s very very common and I want everyone to know that this will actually help which we come Tellem mania and when I explain why, number one because we’re blending the Micro Strand and remember here this is the micro strand before the hair is at it and this is the micro strand after the hair is at it and if you need to see more details, just go on our website and you’ll see more details about this but because of this invention the micro strand before the hair is on it the micro strands after what it does, it enables us to add hair no matter if you’re thin from trichotillomania or if you have blood spots it doesn’t matter how small the thin area is how small the bald spot is or how large it is either way that micro strand will blend in and work for any degree of trichotillomania or any case of trichotillomania.

Now here’s how it helps when you blend hair in what happens is that when you unconsciously try to pull your hair you do not get the same sensation so for clarity for everyone trichotillomania relieve stress it’s a act of releasing relieving stress so what you do is you’re pulling your hair unconsciously to actually relieve stress when the Invisablend is blended in if you pull your hair unconsciously you don’t get the same feeling or the same release therefore it causes you to slow down reduce or even eliminate doing trichotillomania okay or or pulling your hair so that’s how it will cure it all right on top of it you have to understand in reference to trichotillomania

Once somebody pulls their hair unconsciously due to stress in their world then they see their hair not looking good looking bald being embarrassed that causes additional stress and causes that individual to pull their hair unconsciously even more and it becomes into a downward cycle with the Invisablend, it’ll spit in the other direction because what will happen is that you won’t get that same relief you’ll slow down or stop pulling but also visually you’ll see yourself with hair you’ll be then feeling more comfortable about yourself and you’ll start leaning away from it so this can really help to kind of push you away from unconsciously pulling your hair while at the same time I want to make it very clear, that it also will be able to fill in here no matter what degree of hair you’ve lost through trichotillomania

So stay tuned for the next advanced benefit number 27 the best solution when losing hair from Chemotherapy you’re gonna find this very fascinating because the industry and reference to losing hair from chemotherapy usually sway to doing a wig but now there’s something much better than a wig and that sort of got going to explain in detail to everyone see you soon thank you.

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