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Forget About Your Hair, & Enjoy Life

Hello and welcome to advanced benefit number 27 and that is “Forget about your hair and enjoy life” this is an important benefit when people wear hair and again the definition of saying wearing hair it could be a hair weave any kind of hair extensions any kind of hair system, hair unit any type of way any method of adding hair okay

When you’re wearing hair you’re consciously consciously thinking of the hair and anybody that wears hair knows this you walk around thinking about your hair how does it look how does it feel is it natural can I do this watch out when I do that if it’s raining you’re worrying about it if it’s windy you’re worrying about something moving and showing you’re thinking about your hair instead of forgetting about your hair so this is a very important element the invention of the micro strand you to not think about your hair anymore because the invention of the micro strand here first the micro strand without hair member it’s a filament as fine as a hair soft as a hair ten times stronger translucent

So it disappears upon contact of the scalp and then take a microscopic tip instrument and add one hair at a time onto this and when your hair blends through this you have full access to your scalp and you feel as if there’s nothing there and therefore you forget that you have hair added and that’s the whole point you need to forget that you have hair added it and feel like it’s just your own hair and technically with this it is just your own hair because it’s enhancing your hair it’s putting hair in between so when you don’t feel anything on and I mean feel like shake your head and close your eyes and feel and I mean run in and feel your scalp or wipe on brush through it and you don’t feel like you have anything on you therefore forget that you’re wearing or have any hair at it and if you forget it you have a more relaxed way about you you enjoy life more alright and that’s what life is all about so see the importance in that

So I hope that was very significant to you because it’s very important to why this was invented so stay tuned for our next advance benefit number 28 Making all other options obsolete, you’re gonna find this very fascinating see you soon.

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