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BEST Solution When Losing Hair From Chemotherapy

Hello Dino here again and welcome to advanced benefit number 29 “The best solution when you lose hair from Chemotherapy” this is very very important because a lot of people suffer from hair loss when they go through chemo all right. Most people lose all their hair some lose a majority of the hair and also when their hair grows back it not only grows back differently but sometimes or most of the time it doesn’t all grow back. So this is the best solution when adding hair for chemotherapy hair loss here’s the reason why when you lose hair from chemotherapy, the doctors basically say go get a wig or we’ll recommend you to a place to get awake and this is really tough for individuals going through chemotherapy losing their hair is an additional problem because now they have to wear a wig and a wig makes you feel like you have something on your head if anybody has ever worn a wig try to wear a wig for a couple hours you’re gonna be so happy when you take it off your head even the lightest wigs there’s beautiful wigs out there that are handmade that are gorgeous wigs from a wig category although you still feel something on your head and you’re still covering your head and you walk around thinking about your hair all the time.

So it’s very difficult for anybody that wears wigs especially people that have lost their hair through chemotherapy and they wear wigs it’s a very difficult thing to walk around with so the invention of Hair Stranding by Invisablend changes all that and the reason why is because when you add hair using the micro strand remember the micro stand is fine his hairs ten times stronger and translucent so it disappears and then we add one human hair at a time and it looks like just hairs floating on the air when this gets blended between your own hair you don’t feel anything that’s if you lost some of your hair but let’s go into if you lost all your hair the micro strands these here if you haven’t seen these in previous videos these are made according to how much hair you have to contribute so if you have less hair in area the openings are closer if you have more hair in area the openings are wider so in an area where you have no hair bald like the palm of my hand the opening becomes a one millimeter called an M1 I have no hair on the top of my head and the opening right there it’s an M1 and you could see I run my hands through that’s an M1 the point of this is not only it looks like it’s growing directly out of my scalp or more importantly each individual human hair looks like is coming directly out of my scalp no matter how close you get not only that natural factor I don’t feel anything on my head if I shoot a miss bottle of water I feel it down to my scalp if somebody puts a product and runs their hands through my hair then you don’t even feel anything on

So this is the beautiful feel instead of wearing a wig you’ll feel like you have nothing on you’ll have full access to feel your scalp alright and you’ll have an extremely natural look now there’s another stage that is as your hair starts to grow back we can then convert the M1 into a bigger opening so as your hair grows back now your hair has a place to grow in between so this is the only method that’s not only extremely natural and you don’t feel like you have anything on but this is the only method that will take you through any stage of losing hair through chemotherapy and what I mean by that let’s say that you didn’t lose all your hair this will work let’s say that eventually you lost all your hair this is adjusted for a completely bald area like myself now let’s say now the chemotherapy is over and you grow in your hair back you don’t have to cover your hair you new hair growing back then we open up the micro strand and now your hairs get somewhere to go in between and now as you’re growing your hair back you can still have any length or any style you want while leaving your own hair growing freely and having free access to it

So in quick summary this is the only method that is not only extremely natural and feels like you have nothing on but it’s also the only method that will take you through any stage of hair loss through chemotherapy whether you lost part of your hair or you lost part of it and then lost it all and also on the regrowth back it can attach on any head of hair no matter how short no matter how thin and even when it’s completely bald like mine so stay tuned for our next advanced benefit number 30 and that is “Available to qualified professionals salons, hair studios and cosmetic medical companies” you’re going to find this very interesting see you soon.

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