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Birds of a feather flock together (as the saying goes). This is true when you offer a unique product and service because people are social creatures. We all like to talk and communicate with others, whether good or bad and in this case, offering a revolutionary product and service which is very well loved by your clients simply attracts a steady flow of consistent clients. This is called “Self-business-growth,” meaning business flow increases automatically when you have a unique product and service that is loved by your clients and the public at large. The business law of attraction comes into effect.

One example of this was a guy named George who owned a salon with three operators. Business was good, but George expected consistent growth, which he had but at a normal pace. As an example, the three hairdressers George employed took only two years to build up to, which is pretty good. George constantly thought of two main things: keeping his three hairdressers, and himself busy consistently and simultaneously trying to add in an additional hairdresser to grow this business. George could have kept growing his business over time, but not at the speed it would if George were to offer a revolutionary product and service.  Then George discovered this unique revolutionary product and service by seeing one of the videos. To George, this video showed how unique and needed this product and service was, and how much of a need there is for such a product and service. The change was a concern because learning something new takes extra time and even side-tracks a business. However, he realized or at least felt that something this different could make a major impact on the future of his business, and his life.  George first showed these videos to his clients and his clients’ responses were very positive. He then started noticing recommendations from his clients. Then he simply posted these videos on his social media. Just from this alone, the number of additional people contacting his salon tripled within the first month. The more George showed these videos, the more calls, and emails George’s business received. George never experiences something like this which inspired people to contact his business. This motivated him to study the training videos on how to perform consultations about this product and service, along with how to apply and maintain this unique product and service.  The revenues this product and service produced per client put his business into a different level or category from the average salon. He now had a specialty which caused him to stand out from all other salons.  George’s salon has now changed in two ways: he can turn up the volume of his business at will, plus the amount of money his salon makes per client is ten times what he used to make.

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To create a steady flow of increased business, you need to stand out.