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Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend – The ONLY Hair Loss Solution

for ALL Forms of Alopecia, Hair Loss, Hair Thinning,

Trichotillomania, Hair Growth Solutions, etc…


The Micro Strand Invention Makes This ALL Possible.   

The Micro Strand Invention Makes This ALL Possible.   

A Revolutionary Breakthrough for Thinning Hair

A Revolutionary Breakthrough for Thinning Hair

Comparison to All Hair Extensions, Hair Replacements, Hair Restorations, Wigs, Hair System and ALL Methods

Hair Stranding is the name of the technique, and Invisablend is the company of which Hair Stranding was invented within.  Hair Stranding and InvisaBlend is used interchangeable, so sometime people with hair loss problem will refer to this method as the “InvisaBlend Hair Loss “Method” or simply the “InvisaBlend Method” – AND – and sometimes people with thinning hair or needing fuller hair will refer to this method as “Hair Stranding”.

Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is the first and only method that is a “Cure-ALL” for ANY hair loss,  hair thinning, balding or just thin hair situations.   The following is a comparison breakdown of every method and or categories of adding hair, or simple put – comparing Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend to ALL Hair Loss solutions, Hair Replacement solutions, Hair Restoration solutions, Hair Extensions, Hair Systems, Hair Units, Hair Pieces and wigs of any sort, plus also comparing to any surgical procedures to Hair Stranding – like any Hair Transplant or Hair Grafting method.  

Hair Extensions – All and any methods of hair extensions add hair in sections or clumps—meaning strips of hair or small sections of hair to your existing hair.  All forms, including any method of any hair extension cause additional hair loss.  Plus, all methods of Hair Extensions averagely last three to four months ONLY.                                                                                                             

No matter what kind or type of hair loss you or someone has (Any form of Alopecia, Female Pattern Hair Loss, Male Pattern Hair Loss, Androgenic Alopecia, Trichotillomania, any form of Hair Thinning or Hair Loss types or causes) the Hair Standing method by InvisaBlend is far more advanced, plus Hair Stranding is the only technology that is safe and healthy for your own hair.  Hair Stranding leaves all of your existing hair alone, leaving full 100% access to your entire scalp, so Hair Stranding will enable your hair to grow freely. 

Hair Replacement – All methods of Hair Replacement usually refer to non-surgical methods of Hair Replacement.   The term “Hair Replacement” means to “Replace Hair”, which means to take away and or when hair was completely loss (I.e. – balding or going bald) then replaces with something else, meaning a “Hair Replacement.                                                                                             

There are many so called named methods of hair replacements but they all fall under this category of “Hair Replacement”, and most important is that ALL forms or methods of “Hair Replacements” either remove potions of your existing hair -OR- cover portions of your existing hair to then add hair or add a Hair Replacement.  Whether hair is removed or hair is covered, either way you are losing hair to add hair.  Plus, most of these method use some sort of tape or bond to attach a Hair Replacement System, which in effect causes additional hair loss.                                  

Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend, in comparison does NOT cover or remove any of your existing hair, but instead—Hair Stranding adds one hair at a time in-between your existing hair.  This means that all of your existing hair is used and left safe and healthy.  Using all your existing hair and just adding hair in-between your hair is not a “Hair Replacement” but instead a different category called a “Hair Enhancement”.

Hair Restoration – All methods of hair restoration usually mean surgical method of hair replacement.  Some being Hair Transplants, Hair Grafting, Robotic Hair Transplants which are also known as “ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation” or “FUT Hair Transplant” or “ARTAS Robotic FUE Hair Transplants”.   These different methods of hair Restoration remove hair from one area of the head and to another area of your head.  In essence—hair is being removed to be replaced into another area.  So, in effect you are also losing hair to add hair. 

Even more important, the areas of your head where you take hair from called the “Donor Hair Areas” are very limited hair supplied or donor areas, and therefore only fill in small areas of hair thinning or balding areas.

Hair Stranding in comparison does not remove any hair to add hair, but instead leaves all of your existing hair along and then only adds human hair in-between your existing thinning hair or balding hair areas.  So again, with any form of Hair Restoration some of your hair is removed to add additional hair, whereas with Hair Stranding—all of your hair is used and left alone while adding additional hair.

Hair Stranding is also the ONLY and first “Hair Transplant Enhancer” too.  Meaning anyone that hair any form or Hair Restoration or simply put “Hair Transplants” of which are not fully satisfied due to not being able to fill in enough hair needed—Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend will just add one human hair at a time in-between the hair transplanted hairs and or your original growing hairs to make any area fuller or to fill in hair loss areas.  

How to Evaluate Any Hair System

Hair Systems – There are also many different hair systems using many different names of hair systems but nevertheless that are all “Hair Systems”.  Any hair system really falls under the category of a “Hair Replacement”, meaning a non-surgical method of adding hair.  Any hair system is part of a hair replacement, meaning a “Hair System” is just another name for a      “Hair Replacement”.   Hair Systems are also known as “Hair Units”.  These Hair Systems or     Hair Units are basically Hair Pieces just labeled under a different name, a more updated name.

Most important is the fact that all hair systems cover you existing hair no matter what way they are attached to the head.  The covering of existing hair does cause addition HAIR LOSS.   Plus, in most cases when adding any hair system then portions of your existing hair are removed or shaved off to add any such hair system.

But…. Hair Stranding is completely different!  The key component of Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend is the invention of the Micro Strand.  See the real photo of the Micro Strand invention above, and notice that is disappears upon contact of the skin or scalp. This is a revolutionary breakthrough invention because the Micro Strands are as fine as human hairs, plus ten times stronger and translucent.  Then a microscopic tip instrument is used to add only ONE HUMAN HAIR at a time onto these Micro Strands – and then blended in-between your existing hairs. This again is opposite from any Hair System or Hair Replacement, but most important far better than any Hair Replacement or Hair System.

A Common problem with Hair Units is a Hair Hangover

Hair Units – Same as mentioned above, that being that the term “Hair Units” is just another name for a “Hair System” and falling under the category of a “Hair Replacement”.  So all that applies to what was stated above under “Hair Systems” also applies here under the term      “Hair Units”.

Please remember that Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend is completely revolutionary and therefore completely opposite from any Hair Unit, Hair System, Hair Piece under “Hair Replacement” and or any form or method of adding hair.

What You Need to Know About Wigs?

Wigs – There are many kinds of wigs made in many different ways.  The best wigs are called “Hand Tied Wigs”.  Then to get even deeper—the very best wigs are “Single Hair, Hand Tied Wigs”.  The finer the material of the wig the better because this makes the wig lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear.  In addition to this—the closer to adding one human hair at a time the finer and more natural a wig becomes.

Within the front areas of a wig a lace material is use.  These are called “Lace Wigs”.   Please note that “Lace Wigs” means that part of the wig is made from a lace.  A lace is a very fine see through materials and uses to create a natural front hairline.  But you must know that a       “Lace Wig” is used for creating a natural front hairline ONLY when a laced wig is placed onto a bald front area.  Conversely, when you add a Lace Wig or better labeled as a “Lace Front Wig” onto a front hairline this will NOT create a natural hairline when placed on top of any of your existing hair.

Most important is the fact that ALL different “types of wigs” ALL COVERS your existing hair, and any covering of your existing hair causes additional hair loss.  So, any wig whatsoever causes additional hair loss.  Plus, the security of any wig is not comforting because anyone wearing a wig of any sort must be very careful on what they do during their normal daily routine, always having to be mindful during any and all activities during the day.

 In comparison to Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend – instead of covering your hair or covering any your hair—Hair Stranding is blending additional hair in-between your existing hair.  The feeling along is a tremendous difference.  People have commented that Hair Stranding feel as there is NOTHING there at all.

Plus, with Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend… because your own hair is part of the added hair, by being blended in-between the added hair your security level is through the roof.  Meaning now you can do ANYTHING in life with full 100% security.  This will cause you to “Not Think About Your Hair” any more. Just live life forgetting about your hair because you can now do any activity whatsoever with no worry or even a thought or a concern.

Knowing these facts about Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend no person on earth that would wear any kind of wig anymore when they understand and or see the Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend in comparison.  Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend is making all wigs obsolete in comparison.

Hair Concealers – The Good and the Bad

Hair Concealers – These are powders of which are used to cover the balding or thinning areas to conceal or hide the bald scalp from showing.  These hair loss concealers or hair loss concealer fibers do a good job of hiding the balding areas and therefore are extremely popular but they are a lot of work because they must be applied and removed daily.  The most important factor is that these Hair Concealers do cause additional hair loss or speed up hair loss.  These hair concealers or hair fibers are very fine powders so they clog-up the hair bulbs (the areas within your scalp of which your hair grows out of).  This clogging up of your hair bulbs prevents or slows down the growth of your hair and eventually causes a speed up of hair loss.

But Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend will simple give you more real hair while leaving ALL your existing hair alone, healthy and fully utilizing ALL of your existing hair.  People that have changed from any Hair Concealers to Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend have commented that the adding hair from Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend has a lesser feel then any of these hair concealers.  So, you feel less and now you have “HAIR” instead of powder.

Loss Solutions – This is a general term for any sort of solution to hair loss, meaning any type or methods mentioned above or any type or method of Hair Growing solution or Medical Hair Loss Solutions or Hair Growing products.  There are many “Hair Loss Solutions” as you can now see as stated above but what is most important is to NOT use any hair loss solutions that will cause any additional hair loss.

When it comes to hair growing solutions or hair growing treatments it is important to know that any method of growing hair whatsoever will only provide you with one of these three results:

  • ·Some hair growing solutions or hair growth methods will not grow any hair.
  •  Some will slow down your hair loss or hair fall out, which is good.
  • Some will in fact grow hair additional hair—but when some of these hair loss solutions do grow hair they only grow a small amount of hair
  • or more importantly these hair growth solutions only really grow fussy hairs which are short hairs that only grow to a short length, and only a small amount of these short fussy hairs will grow.  Now this is a great achievement although it is important to understand that when you see some hairs growing this does not mean it will be growing like grass, meaning that it just keeps growing.

Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend is a hair loss solution but keep in mind that is it different or more precisely put “Opposite” from everything else.  There are two key reasons why Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend is opposite from all other hair loss solutions and these two areas are as follows:

  1. Hair Stranding / InvisaBlend is the only hair loss solution that keeps your existing hair safe and healthy.
  2. Hair Stranding / InvisaBlend is as close as you can get to feeling and seeing NOTHING!  Due to the invention of the Micro Strand way of adding human hair when hair is blended in-between your hairs you feel and see as if there is nothing there but just all your own hair.  Please refer to the two pictures above showing the invention of the Micro Strand before one human hair has been added AND after one human hair at a time is added.

Growing Hair Verses Adding Hair

Hair Situations of which can be solved by

Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend

Hair Strand / InvisaBlend is the one and only “Cure-all” or “Universal Solution”, meaning          Hair Stranding / InvisaBlend can solve any hair satiation and or any hair type in existence in the world.  So, no matter what kind of hair loss you have – examples, any form of Alopecia,     (Alopecia Areata, Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Totalis & Alopecia Universalis, Ciatricial Alopecia, Cicatricial Alopecia a scaring Alopecia, Traction Alopecia, Telogen effluvium, Anagen effluvium) any form of Female Pattern Thinning, Female Pattern Balding, Male Pattern baldness, Trichotillomania, Thinning hair of any sort or reason and just fine hair needing to be fuller Hair Stranding or   InvisaBlend is the only method that can create fuller hair in a natural way of which is safe and healthy for your existing hair and scalp.

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