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Hair Concealers

The Good, and The Bad.

These are powders of which are used to cover the balding or thinning areas to conceal or hide the bald scalp from showing.  These hair loss concealers or hair loss concealer fibers do a good job of hiding the balding areas and therefore are extremely popular but they are a lot of work because they must be applied and removed daily.  The most important factor is that these Hair Concealers do cause additional hair loss or speed up hair loss.  These hair concealers or hair fibers are very fine powders so they clog-up the hair bulbs (the areas within your scalp of which your hair grows out of).  This clogging up of your hair bulbs prevents or slows down the growth of your hair and eventually causes a speed up of hair loss.

But Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend will simple give you more real hair while leaving ALL your existing hair alone, healthy and fully utilizing ALL of your existing hair.  People that have changed from any Hair Concealers to Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend have commented that the adding hair from Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend has a lesser feel then any of these hair concealers.  So, you feel less and now you have “HAIR” instead of powder.

This is not Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend