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Hair Extensions  

Hair Extensions – All and any methods of hair extensions add hair in sections or clumps—meaning strips of hair or small sections of hair to your existing hair.  All forms, including any method of any hair extension cause additional hair loss.  Plus, all methods of Hair Extensions averagely last three to four months ONLY.                                                                                                             

No matter what kind or type of hair loss you or someone has (Any form of Alopecia, Female Pattern Hair Loss, Male Pattern Hair Loss, Androgenic Alopecia, Trichotillomania, any form of Hair Thinning or Hair Loss types or causes) the Hair Standing method by InvisaBlend is far more advanced, plus Hair Stranding is the only technology that is safe and healthy for your own hair.  Hair Stranding leaves all of your existing hair alone, leaving full 100% access to your entire scalp, so Hair Stranding will enable your hair to grow freely.