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Learn how to maintain, and promote healthy hair growth.

Hair Loss Solutions – This is a general term for any sort of solution to hair loss, meaning any type or methods mentioned above or any type or method of Hair Growing solution or Medical Hair Loss Solutions or Hair Growing products.  There are many “Hair Loss Solutions” as you can now see as stated above but what is most important is to NOT use any hair loss solutions that will cause any additional hair loss.

When it comes to hair growing solutions or hair growing treatments it is important to know that any method of growing hair whatsoever will only provide you with one of these three results:

·  Some hair growing solutions or hair growth methods will not grow any hair.

·  Some will slow down your hair loss or hair fall out, which is good.

·  Some will in fact grow hair additional hair—but when some of these hair loss solutions do grow hair they only grow a small amount of hair or more importantly these hair growth solutions only really grow fussy hairs which are short hairs that only grow to a short length, and only a small amount of these short fussy hairs will grow.  Now this is a great achievement although it is important to understand that when you see some hairs growing this does not mean it will be growing like grass, meaning that it just keeps growing.

Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend is a hair loss solution but keep in mind that is it different or more precisely put “Opposite” from everything else.  There are two key reasons why Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend is opposite from all other hair loss solutions and these two areas are as follows:

1- Hair Stranding / InvisaBlend is the only hair loss solution that keeps your existing hair safe and healthy.

2- Hair Stranding / InvisaBlend is as close as you can get to feeling and seeing NOTHING!  Due to the invention of the Micro Strand way of adding human hair when hair is blended in-between your hairs you feel and see as if there is nothing there but just all your own hair.  Please refer to the two pictures above showing the invention of the Micro Strand before one human hair has been added AND after one human hair at a time is added.