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Hair Replacement

All methods of Hair Replacement usually refer to non-surgical methods of Hair Replacement.   The term “Hair Replacement” means to “Replace Hair”, which means to take away and or when hair was completely loss (I.e. – balding or going bald) then replaces with something else, meaning a “Hair Replacement.                                                                                             

There are many so called named methods of hair replacements but they all fall under this category of “Hair Replacement”, and most important is that ALL forms or methods of “Hair Replacements” either remove potions of your existing hair -OR- cover portions of your existing hair to then add hair or add a Hair Replacement.  Whether hair is removed or hair is covered, either way you are losing hair to add hair.  Plus, most of these method use some sort of tape or bond to attach a Hair Replacement System, which in effect causes additional hair loss.                                  

Hair Stranding by InvisaBlend, in comparison does NOT cover or remove any of your existing hair, but instead—Hair Stranding adds one hair at a time in-between your existing hair.  This means that all of your existing hair is used and left safe and healthy.  Using all your existing hair and just adding hair in-between your hair is not a “Hair Replacement” but instead a different category called a “Hair Enhancement”.

This is not Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend