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How to Evaluate Any Hair System

Hair Systems

There are also many different hair systems using many different names of hair systems but nevertheless that are all “Hair Systems”.  Any hair system really falls under the category of a “Hair Replacement”, meaning a non-surgical method of adding hair.  Any hair system is part of a hair replacement, meaning a “Hair System” is just another name for a      “Hair Replacement”.   Hair Systems are also known as “Hair Units”.  These Hair Systems or     Hair Units are basically Hair Pieces just labeled under a different name, a more updated name.

Most important is the fact that all hair systems cover you existing hair no matter what way they are attached to the head.  The covering of existing hair does cause addition HAIR LOSS.   Plus, in most cases when adding any hair system then portions of your existing hair are removed or shaved off to add any such hair system.

But…. Hair Stranding is completely different!  The key component of Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend is the invention of the Micro Strand.  See the real photo of the Micro Strand invention above, and notice that is disappears upon contact of the skin or scalp. This is a revolutionary breakthrough invention because the Micro Strands are as fine as human hairs, plus ten times stronger and translucent.  Then a microscopic tip instrument is used to add only ONE HUMAN HAIR at a time onto these Micro Strands – and then blended in-between your existing hairs. This again is opposite from any Hair System or Hair Replacement, but most important far better than any Hair Replacement or Hair System.

This is not Hair Stranding or InvisaBlend