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The HEALTHY Approach to More HAIR….. A Revolutionary Breakthrough!

Add Hair While Allowing Your Own HAIR to Grow FREELY

The Invention of the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® is a major breakthrough because NOW for the first time ever hair can be added leaving all of your existing hair safe, healthy, usable and FREE to grow

In a world where ALL other options cause some degree of additional hair loss—the InvisaBlend® concept called Hair Stranding® is major Revolutionary breakthrough! 

InvisaBlend® , also called Hair Stranding® is the Logical Health Choice when you see how it works—simply look at the pictures above to see the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® before real hair is added onto it, and then see the next picture of the finished InvisaBlend Micro Strand® after ONE human hair at a time has been added onto it—The InvisaBlend Micro Strand® therefore disappears and you then only see single human hairs spread apart from each other—the SAME way hair GROWS out of your scalp.  

An individualized InvisaBlend Micro Strand® is customized for each person’s specific hair situation—with certain percentages of real hair within each specific areas need.  Most importantly…due to the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® invention being completely translucent—when it’s blended in-between your own hair the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® disappears upon contact onto your scalp—this therefore creates single human hairs appearing to be GROWING directly out of your scalp—a true Hair Growth Duplication, and truly Revolutionary!!!  

Hair Stranding® by InvisaBlend is the Health and easy choice because you see and feel NOTHING but more hair, and it’s all possible due to the InvisaBlend Micro Strand® invention.  Brush and comb directly down to your scalp and do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING as you would with your own hair—full flexibility and freedom like nothing else, revolutionary!

Hair Stranding® also last 3 to 4 YEARS… which is 10X longer than hair extensions and other options. Watch some of the InvisaBlend® videos to see exactly what Hair Stranding® by InvisaBlend® is and how it actually works.

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Find out WHY InvisaBlend is…. Revolutionary!