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We have so many clients who want to spread the word about InvisaBlend’s amazing hair loss solution, Hair Stranding. But often with hair loss our clients want to be discreet. With our blog series Letters from Anonymous our Hair Stranding clients anonymously speak about their experiences with Hair Stranding.

“I exercise every morning, I run, swim, take martial arts classes. I’m stay busy. I was using powders and was experiencing problems. My swimming routine was ruined because I had to keep reapplying the powder after. As soon as I entered the water if come off. When I would go to bed at night, the powder would come off too. I’d wake up with smears all over my pillow and bed. The best part about Hair Stranding for me is that it not only fixes my hair loss, but it stays on. I don’t have to worry about it when I swim, or throughout the day. It’s given me my hair back and made my life so much easier.”

– Kelly