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We have so many clients who want to spread the word about InvisaBlend’s amazing hair loss solution, Hair Stranding.

But often with hair loss our clients want to be discreet. With our blog series Letters from Anonymous our Hair Stranding clients anonymously speak about their experiences with Hair Stranding.


“I’m a Mom that lives a busy lifestyle. I have four wonderful children which certainly doesn’t help with keeping my hair, they’re a handful! My newborn is messy of course and when I tried using powders I felt like I was cleaning all day. It got all over my house and even on my kids. Not to mention it was embarrassing. I didn’t want to hair restoration. The idea of it scared me and I didn’t want my hair shaved off. When Dino told me Hair Stranding required no surgery and would be very discreet I decided to give it a try. No mess, no upkeep, I’m completely hooked. Give the free trial a test and see for yourself!”