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In this latest Limitless Hair Expert video, Hair Expert Dino explains what results do Hair growth Pills, Tropical Hair Growth Solutions & Laser Hair Growth Treatments deliver and how it is different from Hair Addition techniques such as Hair Extensions , Hair Weaves , Wigs , Hair Transplant.

Growing Hair Verses Adding Hair

Hi, Dino here. Welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert. Today’s subject is how to evaluate growing hair versus adding hair. Now, what I mean by this is when somebody has hair loss to torn a little bit between finding out how to grow their hair versus do they need to add hair, now here’s how you should evaluate this in reference to hair growth. I want to first give you a little education about hair growth, right there are methods that grow hair and there are different kinds of methods just to put them into categories.

There’s actually pills that you digest that state that they will grow your hair then there’s topical formulas that you put on top of your head that will grow hair then there’s actually lasers, there’s a laser combs, there’s laser helmets that’ll actually grow your hair, although I need you to understand this when they say they’ll grow hair here’s what they’ll actually do and you have to understand it’s very carefully.

Number one, all three of these categories whether it’s something that you digest that you take in like a pill, something that you apply topically or whether it’s a laser any of those three you’re going to get one of three different results. Number one, on most people nothing happens. Number two, on some people it’s a possibility that will slow down your hair from falling out which is a good thing. And number three, there’s a possibility to grow your hair.

Although, when it grows your hair please understand it will never grow a substantial amount of hair, when hair growth happens from any hair growth treatment of any kind, whether it’s something you do at home, whether it’s something you do professionally when you do get hair growth you’ll never get a substantial amount of hair growth by grass what you’re going to get you’re going to get a little bit of growth at maximum.

Now, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that’s a good thing, it’s just that you should understand that that when you buy something or you sign up for treatment that one of three things might happen, number one, nothing number two it might slow down your hair fall out and number three it might grow your hair, just understand that if it grows your hair it’ll just go a little bit in which is still a good thing I just want you to understand that.

Now in reference to balancing out that of growing hair versus adding here is what you have to consider if you try one of these treatments and (a) it doesn’t grow your hair or (b) it just slows down your fallout and you’re satisfied with that then you don’t need to add any hair using any kind of method if one of these treatments grows your hair, even though it doesn’t grow it substantially but you’re happy with that you don’t need to go any further you don’t need to add hair.

Now, conversely if you try one of these treatments and it does nothing or it slows down your hair or even if it grows you hair but you’re not satisfied with the amount of hair that it grows that’s when you have to realize it’s then important to you as an individual to then have some sort of method of adding hair because that’s what’s going to satisfy you.

So if you grow a little hair and it’s exciting but just still emotionally bothered by the fact of the amount of hair you still have and you can’t grow anymore that’s when it’s time to look into a method of adding additional hair and by the way there is a method now in the industry of which you can add hair safely while leaving your scalp open, while leaving your hair breathing, while also giving you the ability to add a treatment of any sort while adding half.

But if you go into one of these remember never cover your hair never tie down your hair okay, so that’s what I want you to consider when you’re thinking about growing hair versus adding hair. And the quote for today is your growth circle is what causes to expand you. Now I want to break this down for you what I did is I did a little drawing here. Now, there’s a growth circle that all of us are within.

Notice there’s little circles here within each circle is things that are within your comfort zone things that are easy for you that are comfortable for you but now it’s when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone is what causes you to grow here’s the thing. One little step outside of your comfort zone and one thing you do expand you globally it then it causes you to expand in other areas.

So always push outside of your comfort zone when you push one little thing outside of your comfort zone, just one thing you then break into a wider spanned of yourself into a new ring which then causes you to do other things outside of your comfort zone in a more easy way and then when you push again you then push again outside of that circle to another thing that’s outside of your comfort zone that then becomes easier and then you do more things outside of your comfort zone.

That’s how you grow as an individual. Please remember that. So stay tuned for our next video called “How to evaluate the Dangers of Hair Shedding” And I’ll see you soon

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