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Is Hair thinning & Hair loss same ? In this latest Limitless Hair Expert Video, Hair Expert Dino explains how exactly hair sheds and how hair shedding is different from hair loss. Dino also explains hair thinning cycle in men and women. How hair thinning is not the actual hair loss has been explained.

How to Evaluate the Dangers of Hair Shedding

Hello. Dino here again. And welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert. Today’s subject is How to Evaluate the Dangers of Hair Shedding. Now, here’s what you have to up clearly understand what is hair shedding?

Now every single hair on your head has a lifecycle of about two to three years and after that lifecycle is finished a new hair comes underneath the old hair and pushes the old one out almost like when you’re a child you have a new tooth growing underneath pushing the old tooth out when a new tooth grows in. It’s the same thing that happens on your own hair, but you have to understand you have hundreds of thousands of hairs on your head.

So every day one of your lifecycles is up on many hairs pushing the old hairs out, so when your hair is shedding it not — doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a bad thing, it’s just the cycle of the hair falling out by new ones coming up and pushing them out, alright. So now average hair loss is somewhere between 60 to 100 hairs a day.

Now, the thicker your hair is the more shedding you’re going to have, the thinner your hair is the less shedding you’re going to have, because then you have less hairs. So now you might ask well how do I know if I’m losing hair and going thinner or not, here’s our boils down so I want you to understand the hair thinning cycle.

Now, when your hair thins it’s not the fact that you’re old hairs are being pushed out and they’re not growing back they’re always growing back, here’s what happens. During your thinning cycle when your hair does thin new hairs push the old hairs out, but these new hairs that grow in, grow in, in a thinner diameter and to a shorter degree and then when those hairs are finished with those lifecycles they’re pushed out by more new hairs that grow thinner, even thinner in diameter and it even shorter degree of hair length.

So each hair on your head actually establishes a new maximum hair length, some hairs will grow to three inches and stop, some hairs will grow to eight inches and stop, some ten inches and stop, alright. So that’s the cycle how you lose your hair by having new hairs pushed the old hair out, but those new hairs are growing in thinner diameter and to assure the degree and that’s the cycle of hair thinner.

It’s important for you to know, so you can understand when your hair is thinning when is it dangerous when is it not dangerous, it gives you a little clearer perspective on what’s going on with your hair as its shedding, okay. So the quote for today is your self-concept is the key to personal growth.

Now there’s three parts of your self-concept that’s very important. Number one, is your self-image the way you look at yourself the way you believe in yourself. Number two, there’s something called your ideal self your ideal self is what you look at yourself to ideally become what you believe that you can grow to what you could become, that’s your ideal self.

And thirdly there’s your self-esteem, the way you feel about yourself, what helps you produce results your self-esteem. So please remember your self-concept. So stay tuned for our next video which will be “How to Evaluate the Best Hair When Adding Hair”. And I’ll see you soon

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