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In this latest Limitless Hair Expert video Hair Expert Dino has explained why exactly Hair Extensions Tangle. Dino has also explained What is Remy Hair and how it is different from Brazillian Hair, India Hair & other types of Hair Extensions.

How to Evaluate the Best Hair When Adding Hair

Hello, Dino here. And welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert. Today’s subject is “How to Evaluate the Best Hair When Adding Hair”. Here’s what you have to know a lot of people think certain types of hair is the best, Brazilian hair or this kind of hair because there’s different origins or nationalities out there and this is what you have to understand.

There’s different nationalities of hair out into the industry like Brazilian hair and European hair and Indian hair alright, they all work one is not necessarily better than the other, here’s what it really breaks down to and that is. In most cases they remove what’s called the cuticle layer, now what we understand what the cuticle layer is.

The hair shaft itself has an outer layer called the cuticle layer it looks like scales on the fish, the outer layer is the armored shield that protects the hair but when they collect human hair for adding hair, for anything, for hair replacement, for hair weaves, for hair extensions they gather the hair mixing up the end on the bottom versus the route.

When you mix up the end in the root if the cuticle is still on that our layer that looks and feels like scales on a fish the scales intermingled with each other and lock therefore causing tangling. So in most cases when people get hair of that tangle they think it’s tangling because the hair is bad or because it’s Indian hair or because there’s a certain origin of hair but that’s not true.

The reason why the hair tangles in most cases is because all of the cuticle has not been removed because to make the hair silky what has to be done they have to actually remove the scales, the cuticle layer from the hair and in most cases when they’re doing that it tricks them because as the cuticle is being removed it melts down and what happens is that there’s so little cuticle left that later on pops up.

But if that cuticle is fully removed the hair will stay very silky and slippery and never not. So that’s what causes hair to not, it’s not the hair origin or that it’s bad hair in most cases, if the hair is bad and over processed it will become gummy almost like a piece of gum, almost like falling apart that’s what causes hair to feel and look like when it’s over processed.

But when it’s tangled in most cases it’s because the cuticle layer is still on the hair. So the key is to remove the cuticle layer. Now I want to add some to that, there’s also called Remy hair. Remy hair means human hair with the cuticle still on. It means gathering the hair and labeling it that this is the root and this is the end.

And if you leave the cuticle on then the cuticle is going in the same direction just like the hair that goes out of your head. And therefore you don’t have to worry about the hair knotting, but I’m sorry to say there is a “but”. In most cases that hair that’s called Remy hair is not. There’s no way of finding out any hair that you get is really Remy hair unless you look under a microscope, under every individual hair 360 degrees around the whole shaft which is quite impossible.

So in most cases Remy hair is not remy hair and you just don’t know it. What you really should look for is have that silky, that’s easy to brush, that’s easy to manage, it doesn’t matter if it has the cuticle or it doesn’t have that cuticle what matters is that the hair is pliable that you can brush through it, that it doesn’t tangle, that it’s soapy, that it’s easy to handle, alright.

That’s all you care about. It doesn’t matter if they achieve that by leaving the cuticle on or if they achieve that by removing the cuticle, either way you just want good hair. So please remember that, in reference to whenever you’re having hair at it feel the hair, make sure it’s silky that the brush goes through it that your hand goes through it, alright.

That’s all that really matters. Because Remy hair is great but you never know really if it’s Remy or if it’s all Remy. And I’ve studied hair all over the world. And what I found out that the best Remy hair is still only about 92% still having the cuticle, 8% still not having the cuticle or having the cuticle in the opposite direction right.

So it’s very hard to get pure Remy hair and you’ll never know it. So again just to summarize, just make sure the hair is very silky that your brush in hand goes through it very easy, that’s all you really care about. So the quote for today is, the words you think and say becomes who you are, so what you understand that, actually you’re always thinking and you’re always saying yourself.

So be careful of the words you think and the word you say. Because you become that person. So today, you are the person of which you became for what you thought in the past. Okay, so watch the word you think and watch the word you say, because that’s how you become.

So think about that. So stay tuned for our next video called “How to Create a Perfectly Natural Hairline”. See you soon.

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