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In this Latest Limitless Hair Expert Video Hair Expert Dino has explained what exactly is a perfectly natural hairline & how to create it while restoring or adding hair.Hair Expert Dino has explained the most important principles for creating a natural hairline and how to achieve it while restoring or adding hair.

Top 4 Tips for a Perfectly Natural Hairline While Restoring

Hello, Dino here again. And welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Experts. The subject today is how to “Create a Perfectly Natural Hair Line” and that is when you’re adding hair. Now there’s certain principles to follow to create a perfectly natural hair line when adding hair and here are the principles.

Number one, whenever you add hair, you have to add hair uneven along the hairline. Never add any kind of hairline that’s straight that’s the worst. So if there’s any, sort of, wig or lace wig or hair extension or any sort of hair system and they add the hair in a straight line or anywhere near straight it create a false look.

So always add hair on a very uneven way. And if you think about natural hairlines someone’s own real growing hairline it’s never even, sometimes it’s with those wig, sometime it’s a little bit worse wig and it sneaks back and it goes in and then out again. So hair should be added in a very uneven way. So please remember that.

Number two, when you’re adding hair, you want to add hair gradually along the front hairline, graduated hair addition, what that means is, in the very front of some of these real growing hairline it’s never thick way from the start, there’s always graduated hair, if you look really close, those hairs that are less and it gets more and more as it goes back, alright.

So when you’re adding hair, you want to add hair on a graduated way where there’s a less hair in the very front and then it gets little bit more, little bit more as it goes inward, okay. Next another very important principle is hair shavings. When you‘re adding hair along the front hairline, you want to mix slightly different colors, slightly different shading, nothing extreme, just slightly and that pertain the all hair colors, whether you’re blonde, whether you’re brunette, whether you’re red head, even if you have black hair, which has put slightly different shade mix into the front, it makes you look through the hairline little bit and create some more natural look.

Now another point is you always put some sort of baby hairs, what that means is that, along the front hairline, your hairline never has perfectly even same length hairs on a natural growing hairline, there’s always hairs that are little different hairline than other one next to each other. So when you’re adding hair, you always want to mix the hairline, the hair wets up down to different lengths into through the hairline in a very settle way.

Now if you combine all these techniques that will create a very natural hairline. Now I’m an example of that, these is not my hair and I’ve added through the hairline, okay. I’ve actually add hair from little head the whole top but the most important thing is the front hairline and I follow those principle. I follow the principle of being uneven, putting slightly different shadings and between putting different hairlines and also graduating the hairline and that’s what create a very natural hairline.

So remember those points, when adding hair, okay. And now we’re going to go into our quote. Our quote for today is, think about what you want and how to get there, as supposed to, what you don’t want and who to blame, okay. So very successful people are always thinking what do I want, how to get there, what do I want and how to get there? As supposed to other people that don’t grow as much or grow as fast, they’re always thinking about what they don’t want and who to blame. So please get that some thought, always think what do I want and how to get there, what do I want and how to get there. And you’ll get there faster. So please remember that.

Now stay tune for our next video it’s going to be about, “How to Condition your Hair while Coloring your Hair” It’s going to be very interesting. And when I say that, it pertains to your own hair and it pertains when you’re adding hair. So stay tune for our next video. And I’ll see you soon.

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