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In This Latest Limitless Hair Expert Video,Dino has explained the Advantages & Disadvantages of using Hair Concealers or Hair Powders for Bald Spot or Thinning Hair in the best possible way.

Are Hair Loss Concealers a Safer Option For Bald Spots & Thinning Hair?

Hello. Dino here again. And welcome to another video of the Limitless Hair Expert. And today’s video is about “How to Counteract the Dangers of Powders and Concealers or Powder/Concealers”.

Now, first for anyone that doesn’t know what these are, there are concealers out there that’s the technical term, concealers are technically the powders that they put on your hair, there’s all different name brands because it’s very successful and I’ll tell you why in a moment.

But there’s all different name brands, although there are powders that go on to your scalp that darken your scalp so you don’t see your thinness. Right now, a lot of people use these, although it is a love-hate relationship and I’m going to tell you why and people that wear concealers they know this, it’s a love-hate relationship because the powders really work, you put these powders on your hair and they darken your scalp and you no longer see the scalp is easily, so they conceal that’s why they’re called concealers.

They conceal the scalp from shining or from seeing the thinness, okay. And millions of people use these because they really work that’s the good part. The not-so-good part, I said there’s a love-hate relationship with this and that is they are pain in the neck so to speak, okay because you’ve got to put them on all the time, they’re very powdery and misty they could all over the place, you put it on in the bathroom, it’s on the counter, it’s on the wall, it’s on the mirror.

I want you to understand something that these powders/concealers they’re extremely fine granules of powder, okay. And because they’re so fine, they’re almost like powdered ink that’s in a printer, alright. When it’s fine like that, it has to be fine to be able to go down into the scalp to cover the pores that’s the good thing. The not so good thing, it’s so fine it floats in the air, you inhale it you digest it, it’s not healthy.

I would highly recommend anyone that uses the concealers to put a mask on while you’re doing it and then take it off. And if you do that, when you take the mask off, you’re going to see little particles on the outside of the mask and remember you were inhaling that. So it’s not good to do alright, even though millions of people use these things.

So please be careful alright, because it’s not healthy for you to ingest that or breathe that in it’s not good now on another note it’s not good for your scalp your skin it’s not good for the hair bulb it will speed up hair loss all right the reason why I’m saying that is because the powder is so fine it gets into the pores and it clogs the scalp, it clogs the skin alright, it clogs the bulb the hair bulb and when the hair bulb is clogged and it’s not breathing it shortens and/or speeds up the life of the hair follicle, alright.

I want them to make logical sense to you okay if you’re clogging the hair follicle is it good obviously logically it’s not good so it’s not good to clog that hair follicle so here’s what I want you to do to sort of counteract that when you shampoo it off and please try to shampoo it off every day the longer you leave it on the more steadily your hair follicles clogs if you east shampoo it off every day at least you’re cleansing it and sleeping hopefully sleeping without it to give you a scalp a break use a clarifying shampoo for anyone that doesn’t know what a clarifying shampoo they all different companies make them alright if you don’t know what it is you can call my company Invisablend and we can get you one all right but you can get it really anywhere clarifying shampoos Arkin shampoos that more or less strip the hair of build up so they’ll cleanse your scalp a little bit better so I would suggest you cleaning your scalp or washing your hair and scalp with a clarifying shampoo and then putting conditioner on you still need conditioner on your hair but please do that because you’ll clean your scalp better.

And your scalp needs better cleansing when you’re using those powders all right and try to use hot water in washing your hands and pulling your hair and then with conditioner use a cooler water okay now there’s one more thing it’s very good to use something called sea breeze for anyone that doesn’t know what sea breeze is this is sea breeze it’s a common thing you can get it anywhere just so you know sea breeze is something that’s an astringent it cleans into the pores.

So as an example for women if you have makeup on you wash your face clean your makeup off thoroughly then you take a little bit of sea breeze on cotton rub it and you’ll see more makeup coming off because the makeup goes into the pores sea breeze cleans into the pores it gives a much more thorough cleansing okay so it’s good after you shampoo, alright.

And after you condition to put some sea breeze in there or shampoo your hair then pour some sea breeze in your  scalp rub it in then shampoo it again then put conditioner on it’s good to put conditioner on your hair after the sea breeze Krissi breeze can be a little drying to your hair but remember we’re doing this and I’m suggesting this because of the powders the concealers block your scalp and I’m trying to educate you guys here to clean your scalp extra good if you’re going to reuse these concealers, okay.

Now, I rather you not use concealers there is a method that substitutes concealers that’s for another video I invented something called a micro strand that adds hair in between your existing hair that makes your hair fuller while leaving your hair and scalp healthy and giving you full access to the scalp that’s a million times better than using the concealers but that’s for another video if you want to find out about this micro strand invention go to Invisablend calm, okay.

Now, let’s all about our quote for today or quote from today is the following by Albert Einstein and what he states is that education and that education I’m sorry I think that back imagination is more important than knowledge now how Bert Einstein saying this and he’s a very knowledgeable guy okay a person so he’s saying imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge teaches you what was as opposed to imagination teaches you what will be so be imaginable, okay.

Imagine thing it’s good to dream it’s healthy to dream it brings you forward, okay. So now stay tuned for a very next video our next video is about “How to Not Think about your Hair and to Achieve New Levels of Enjoyment”. Please watch it. And I’ll see you soon. Thank you.

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