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How to Not Think About Your Hair & Enjoy Life

Hello, Dino here again. And welcome to another video of the Limitless Hair Expert. And today’s Limited Hair Expert video is about “How to Not Think about your Hair and Enjoy Life at a New Level”. I want to explain what that means. There’s a problem, that I’ve run into for many, many years, people that are not satisfied with their hair it’s mostly because of the hair being thin they walk around thinking about the hair all the time, their mind is not on life, they’re not enjoying life.

Everywhere they go they’re thinking about my hair, their hair, they’re thinking about this my hair look good, is a spot showing, okay. This happens generally when your hair is thin, it also happens when they use powders and concealers, the worrying about is it camouflage properly and they’re walking around thinking about their hair as opposed to enjoying life. Also, it pertains the people that wear hair extensions, hair weaves any kind of hair system, they walk around always being mindful of their hair, they’re not having a clear head and they’re not enjoying life enough.

And it’s really a shame, you really want to go out and just enjoy life, think about your hair when you’re in the mirror, look in the mirror in the morning, look at your hair, get you here the way you want, feel good about yourself saying hmm, alright that looks good. And then take on the day and don’t think about your hair anymore.

Now, I understand something when you’re in a situation when your hair is thin you have — you’re restricted to comb or style your hair in one or two ways and only that but if that’s the case put it in that way, hide it good and then go to your day, I understand also if you have one of these concealers or the powders that you put on and you have to hide things, try to hide it as best you can but try to not think about it all day, okay.

I also understand even have a weave or a hair extension or some sort of a hair system try to prepare yourself in the morning that your hair looks good in the morning so you can go out in the day and not think about your hair all the time, it’s just not healthy. Now, I want to tell you there is a way not to think about your hair, there’s something that I invented called a micro strand it’s a system called hair stranding and it’s a way of adding hair in between your existing hair alright.

And by adding hair in between your existing hair what it does, it blends no matter what you’re actually able to style your hair or mess your hair up or put a helmet on or go on a jet ski or going on a motorcycle and do anything with your hair, a matter of fact your hair can look a mess but it still always looks real. So as an example, I have that I would love people to live life like me enjoy life and what I mean by that I don’t think about my hair, the reason why I don’t think about my hair is because it looks real no matter what I do, no matter what situation are men, okay.

It could be a mess, I could jump in the pool and jump out of the pool the wind could blow you can make it stick up and look weird, but it always looks like my real hair and for me knowing that I completely don’t think about my hair, I have freedom in life and you feel so much better about yourself and you enjoy life so much better.

So if you want to find out more about something called hair stranding through an invention of convention called the micro strand go to our website it’s called Invisablend.com and you’ll find out more about that.

Now the quote for today is, it’s not how hard you fall or how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts remember that. What that means everything in life there’s stuff that happens to all of us in life that knock us down, it’s not what happens in life, it’s how we react that matters if we react in a way that counteracts it we grow as human beings and we feel better about ourselves, okay.

So please remember that statement. Now stay tuned for our next video our next video will be to “How to Eliminate Trichotillomania”. And for those who don’t know what trichotillomania is I will explain that in that video. So please watch our next video. And I’ll see you soon. Thank you

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