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Eliminate Trichotillomania Forever. Follow the Best Technique and avoid pulling your own hair out.In this Latest Limitless Hair Expert Video, Dino has explained the best Technique to fight Trichotillomania. Subscribe Today to Get Best Insights, Advice,Tips related to Hair, Hair loss, Hair care & Hair Addition Methods.

How To Stop Pulling Your Hair out- Eliminate Trichotillomania

Hello, Dino here again. And welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert. And to update any new comers that are listening and watching this. My name is Dino and I’m a hair expert since 1975 studying all forms of hair, hair growth, hair loss, hair addition and also I have studied expertise in self-growth since 1978. I’ve been studying two hours every day since 1978 that’s over a million hours’ worth of studying and counting on self-improvement and this videos are about combining both hair expertise and self-improvement expertise.

Today’s subject is, “How to Eliminate Trichotillomania”. So now I want to explain for anyone that doesn’t know what trichotillomania is. It’s a serious condition that’s quite popular throughout the world and in fact they have associations that help people that trichotillomania. So first I want to explain what it is, trichotillomania is a condition of pulling your hair out unconsciously, alright.

Now to explain why this happens or how to eliminate it you need to know why people do it, alright. When someone pulls their hair out, first of fall it’s unconscious they don’t know what they are doing it, okay. It’s very similar to biting nails, we all know about people that bite their nails it’s sort of a nervous condition, they bite their nails and they don’t even realize that they are biting them it’s a same thing which trichotillomania is that people pull their hair out and don’t even realize they’re doing it.

Now, why is this done? It’s a method to relive pressure, when somebody has pressure or they have frustration in their life, okay, or any kind of pressure whatsoever in their life, they want to relieve that pressure and by pulling out your hair believe or not that’s a different thing to do, it’s a different kind of a pain even though it hurts, that substitutes won paying or won frustration or won pressure in your life for another and the trade-off is the reason why people pull their hair, okay.

So now, how do you get rid of it? You have to understand that people think in pictures, they do not think in words and you think in pictures. So the way to get rid of trichotillomania and there’s a lot of low techniques but I want to get right to the core of some key techniques right here, is you have to exercise thought, what I mean by that, you have to think of yourself, see yourself pulling your hair and what you want to do is, serious off pulling your hair, see that image big, see image getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until it gets really thin and tinny and then it just dissolves away.

And that little exercise you have to do over and over and over again, alright. You have to condition yourself to do that exercise, if you continue to do that one exercise in all other methods, but try to just do that one exercise, repeatedly over and over, what will happen you’re putting a picture in your brain of that vision going smaller and smaller and smaller and then dissolving away and by doing that repetitiously it will dissolve, slow down and eventually eliminate you from pulling your hair out, okay. So please try that technique because it really does work.

Now here’s our quote for today, because I do quotes at the end of every one of these. The quote for today is a quote for me Dino Dondiego. What it says is that, your results are decisions that can or your results I mean, I’ll repeat that again, your results are decisions that can stagnate you or expand you continually. So I want to explain what that means, alright. Your results are really decision, you decide under results that you want, alright. And those results become habits, not that habits could be bad habits that stagnate you, that keep you on one position or there could be habits that are good habits.

And if you do good habits, if you think good habits your results, alright, if you think that you keep expanding yourself. So please remember that quote, alright. Results are decision that can stagnate you or expand you continuously. Now stay tune for our next video, which is “How to evaluate if Hair Transplants are Right for you”. And I’ll see you soon. Thank you.

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