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Subscribe- http://bit.ly/2ss4EJC . Hair Stranding http://bit.ly/2fLxXnA . Surgical Hair Transplant For Treating Hair Loss or Thinning Hair problems ? In this latest Limitless Hair Expert Video, Hair Expert Dino has explained the pros and cons associated with Surgical Hair Transplant. Know what is Hair Transplant and how exactly it treats Hair loss and Thinning hair.

Hair Transplant Facts For Treating Hair loss & Hair Thinning Problem

Hello, Dino here again. And welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert. Today’s subject is how to evaluate if hair transplants are good for you. So I want to tell you something about hair transplant, it is sometimes called in-plants also, okay. Hair transplants for anyone that doesn’t know is a surgical procedure of taking hair from the back of your head and put it in the front of your head, okay.

Now here’s how you evaluate if they are good for your, alright. You have to look at the percentage of the amount of hair you need versus the donor area. The donor area is in the back of your head. I want to tell you something about hair transplants nowadays. They are excellent. The way they do the transplants is done very naturally, the hair looks really, like it originally grew from your head. So the work they do is very, very good, but I want to tell you there’s two categories of hair transplants, one is they take a piece of your skin out from the back of your head, remove the skin with the hair on it, so the skin back, chop up the skin and the little pieces they then transplant into the area where you need hair, that’s one way.

Another way, they sometimes called it robotic hair transplants, there’s a machine now that actually can remove hairs from the back of your head, then they put it on the table and then they transferred into the front of your head or where you need it. Now that’s better more expensive but better because they are not cutting your scalp, it’s so surgical, removing the hair out of the scalp and replanting it, but at least it’s not cutting the scalp so it’s better, both ways look very naturally.

But I want you to understand is hair transplants having mathematical problem, what I mean by mathematical, the area of your head called donor area in back of your head where they get the hair is averagely about 25% of your head, 25% of the area, the needed area is more like about 75% in a roughly speaking. So the donor area is a much smaller than the needed area, okay. That’s the problem.

Now in the beginning stages of thinning what happens is that they have enough hair to take out of the back because the area where your skin is less and small in the very beginning, but as time goes on and you thin out mostly on the top of your head or for women mostly on the top and the sides, you then run of the donor area. So then sometime it causes sort of an island affect where they plant the hairs in the front because that’s the first place you need then. And then as you thin, you saw any thinner any other areas and you should have little island affect right there.

So how do you evaluate if this is right for you? If you have a small area and you feel like it’s only a small area then it’s a good idea, but if you feel like it’s the beginning of your thinning, its okay they do transplants as long as you know it’s going temporary. What I mean by that, they’re going to fill in the area while you’re beginning to thin and as you progressively thin and as the years go by you have to realize it’s only going to substitute temporarily and then eventually you’re going to have to do sometime else if you need to fill in the rest of the areas, okay.

So please be careful of that and please understand that very clearly, okay. Now our quote for today is by Aristotle and it says, there’s one thing I know for sure is I don’t know anything at all, now what does that mean for Aristotle he was a genius, genius in his days, genius in regular. What he meant by that, when you study genius, I’ve studied geniuses I’ve studied Einstein extensively and some other geniuses I meet two geniuses in my life and when you study geniuses what you find out, is that they are like little children they are interested in everything, I mean how smart they are, they look at the world like there’s so much to learn, alright.

They are opposite from — what you might call stuck up, you know they are looking at life in super interest like a little kid, interested in everything. So by that statement from Aristotle and that is, there’s one thing I know for sure is I don’t know anything at all, is his mind is bright open no matter how smart he is, he’s always willing learn more and that’s part of genius and you should always think that way. I say that to myself all the time, no matter how much I know about hair, no matter how much I have self-improvement.

There’s one thing I know for sure, is I don’t know anything at all. So remember that and think about that. So stay tune for our next video which is why do you ends they end up your hair become thin and what you can do about it. Thank you. And I’ll see you soon.

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