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Know the 3 Real reasons for thin hair ends and best tips for this problem. In this Latest Limitless Hair Expert Video, Hair Expert Dino has explained the real reasons behind thin hair ends and best advice for healthy hair.

3 Real Reasons & Best Tips / Advice for Thin Hair End Problem

Hello, Dino here again. And welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert. Now the subject today is why do your ends become thin and what you can do about it? What I mean about your ends of your hair, okay. So here’s what I want you to understand there’s a few things that make your ends thin, it happens to a lot of us where the ends are very, very thin as such as you have to trim them off but, number one sometimes your ends become thin because your hair is breaking.

A couple of reasons why your hair could break it can just be breaking because somehow it’s over processed with some sort of chemical and you would know it because when you feel your hair especially when it’s wet it feels a little rubbery, alright. So always test your hair when it’s wet if it feels a little rubbery it’s over processed and when hair breaks from being over processed it causes the ends to look thin.

Now another reason is improper brushing, when you brush and I said this is another one of our video series you should always brush with a wide tooth comb or wide tooth brush because it’s less pressure and as you’re brushing through your hair or combing through your hair, if you get a little snag you should come out skin and go deeper, if you plow through your hair you wind up breaking little hairs here and there and that causes thin ends.

Now there’s another reason too and that is the cycle of your hair what happens to the cycle of your hair, every hair on your head only lives to about three years as you get older that lifespan is shortened but it only lives about three years so, you have hundreds of thousands of hairs on your head every individual hair has a lifecycle an average of about three years, after that’s over what happens as new hair pushes it out like sort of like a tooth when you’re a kid a new one comes out, pushes the old hair out and a new hair comes back in, alright.

Now because of that cycle what happens is that you have shorter hair is growing in and still some long’s next to it that can cause dinner ends but what’s even more important is that when this lifecycle happens of the hair having a three year lifecycle what happens is sometimes the new hairs that grow in, that have pushed the old hairs out they grow to a new established hair length and what that means is that some hairs in your head are going to grow 3 inches, some hairs are going to grow 18 inches some of them are going to grow 6 inches and stops some of them are going to grow 12 inches and stop.

So as you age new hairs that are growing in establish a new maximum hair length, so you have all these different hairs saying I’m stopping at 6 inches, I’m stopping at 20, I’m stopping at 16, I’m stopping at 12 et cetera, et cetera, because different hairs establish new maximum hair lengths what happens is that it causes your ends to be thin, okay.

Now, how do you avoid that or how do you fix that? Number 1, trim your hair it’s not good looking when your ends are really super thin, you should trim your hair not necessarily for health reasons but just for aesthetic reasons, trim your hair with a bottom at least looks healthy, alright you won’t have those very thin ends.

Now if you can’t take that meaning, you say to yourself I don’t want shorter hair I don’t want to cut it then you should look into some sort of hair addition. And if you look into some sort of hair audition please be careful this is another subject on another video because most if not all hair additions caused additional hair loss so you’ve got to be careful. But I invented a method that’s the only healthy way to add hair that doesn’t damage your hair at all and if you want to look into that you should go onto my website and look at videos and reference to that.

Now our quote — let’s go to our quote for today. Our quote for today is by a guy named Brian Tracy states that your thoughts, okay, your thoughts in your mind create the results in your life alright, so your thoughts in your mind create the results in your life. So please remember that because what it means is that what you think, what you think in your mind creates what reality happens, okay.

What happens to you so put good thoughts in your mind when you put good thoughts in your mind you then create good habits, alright and good habits I’m going to explain something to you here we are habit creatures. We do things by habit, okay so when your thoughts are also part of habits so you want to establish good thoughts, good thought habits. When you do that it gives you more of a positive thought, it elevates you it helps grow you.

So please get that some thought. And stay tuned for our next video, it’s going to be about “Why does your Hair and Added Hair Tangle and the Solutions to Counteract that or to Counteract Tangling”. And I’ll see you soon. Thank you

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