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Subscribe- http://bit.ly/2ss4EJC -Hair Stranding http://bit.ly/2fLxXnA . Why Hair Tangle? Know the Real reason and best advice for Tangle free Hair. In this Latest Limitless Hair Expert video , Hair Expert Dino has explained the Actual reason of Hair Tangling and also best advice to get rid of Hair Tangles in most Healthy & Safest way.

Know Why Your Hair Tangles & Best Advice For Tangle Free Hair

Hello, Dino here again. And welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert and for those of you who are just joining us again, the limitless hair expert is about hair expertise from myself and also limitless meaning self-improvement and I’ve studied both extensively as I’ve stated in other videos. So the subject today is “Why does your hair and edit hair to tangle and solutions to counteract it”.

So I want everyone to realize that your own hair, I’m going to talk about why your own hair tangles and then I’m going to talk about why added hair tangles. When I say added hair it means a weave and extension, a hair system any method of adding hair when that hair tangles why because the why is going to tell us how to counteract that, okay.

So let’s talk about your own hair first of all. Your own hair tangles because the cuticle layer stands up, let me explain the cuticle layer the cuticle layer the outer layer of every one of your hairs has what’s called a cuticle layer it looks like scales on a fish, alright think about this why does a fish have scales, we all know the scales are to protect the fish it’s an outer layer like an armor.

And we all know that when the scales are down it’s slippery but if you go in opposite direction just sort of quickly if the scales wherever to stand up it would sort of be sharp to pet the fish, alright. Your hairs are the same exact way they have that outer layer, the scales like on it like on a fish now when those scales are sticking up the hair tangles when the scales are laying down the hair smooth and silky.

So now why does the cuticle stand up and why is it lay down, some people have a natural laying down cuticle, alright it’s just naturally silky hair and other people sort of have a naturally standing up kind of cuticle alright, so either way you want to try to counter that enclosed that cuticle the way to do that is to use a low pH shampoo and even more important a low pH conditioner.

You see the lower the pH of a shampoo or conditioner the more it closes the cuticle, the higher pH the more it stands up the cuticle so try to look at the ingredients on shampoos and conditioners and try to see if they show the pH, if they don’t — usually the pH is not that good but if they do they sort of want to brag about it that the pH is low so low pH is anything under a seven, seven is sort of a neutral anything under that you get two six a five or four, three a two or 2.5 the lower the pH the more closes that cuticle, that’s number one.

And you should use conditioners with a low pH alright, it’s very good for your hair and you can even put a leave on conditioner like a serum that has a low pH that closes the cuticle keeps your making smooth and silky. Now secondly cold water shuts the cuticles lays down the cuticles so whenever you’re rinsing your conditioner off try to rinse it with the coolest water you can possibly take, alright.

The cooler the water the more closes the cuticle, the hotter the water the more it stands up the cuticle but cleanses the hair more so if you rather I to clean your hair you can use hot water after shampooing but after that put a conditioner on low pH and then rinse the hair with the coolest water you can rinse with.

Now let’s get to commercial hair meaning hair you add on to your head, now that’s a little different story what they do most hair that’s collected they never know what part is the root and the end, it’s all mixed up, they’re collecting donated hair cut off hair and the root and the end gets mixed up when that root then gets mixed up the hair is now going to opposite directions one hair as cuticle going this way another hair has cuticle going that way.

That causes the hair to not, so what they do they remove or try to remove as much of the cuticle as possible, you just think about it if you ever to melt the cuticle or the scales off of fish and you rub the fish together the hair would not tangle anymore so that’s they try to do is remove that, there’s stuff called remy hair which means the cuticle still on but be careful that’s another subject even with remy hair sometimes all the cuticle is not going in the same direction.

So with commercial hair you want to do the same thing, use a low pH shampoo more importantly a low pH conditioner try to rinse with cool water try to put a leave on conditioner then as a low pH, alright. Try to put something on that makes the hair slippery and as much as possible to keep that cuticle down, if whether there’s cuticle on it or whether there’s a little cubicle on it you want to keep that cuticle down to keep it hair very, very smooth, okay.

So now that’s it. And now the quote for today is by me and that is by Dino Dondiego that’s me. And that is be careful what you think and say because you’re listening. Now what do I mean by that alright, your mind you have two parts of your mind basically you have your conscious and your subconscious, your subconscious believes everything you think whether it’s true or not everything you say it believes it and it directs you.

So what your conscious mind is saying and thinking goes into your subconscious mind and what it does it tells it something so if it tells you that you’re good in basketball, you’re good in reading, alright, then your subconscious mind believes it whether it’s true or not and makes you do things that cause that to be true, alright.

If you think you’re a good reader and you’re good studier and you say and think that that that messages goes from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind and your subconscious mind will cause you to do things to make that true. So just give that some thought.

Now stay tuned for our next video. Our next video is “Why Does the Elasticity of Your Hair Important or Why is the Elasticity of your Hair Important”. And I’ll see you soon. Thank you

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