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Everything Women should KNOW about Female Pattern

Welcome to another series of the Limitless Hair Expert where we combine expert advice about hair in conjunction with self-improvement, Today’s subject is what is female pattern thinness, this is really important because a lot of females their hair thins and they get very confused, they don’t know if they’re sick, they don’t know what’s going on, some go to doctors, they’re trying to find out.

But I want you to understand what female pattern thinness is, on a female, not male pattern thinness, male pattern thinness on a female is different I want to first cover female pattern thinness female pattern thinness is an occurrence just by getting older it’s very similar to getting gray.

Now, let’s think about this what age do you become gray the answer that question is any age there’s people in their 20s have become gray there’s people that in mid-30s there’s people not till the 40s to 50s or 60s everybody is different that’s our genetic structure we don’t think much of that because gray hair isn’t as bad as losing your hair but nevertheless it’s similar it’s your genetic structure your genetic structure is what makes you go gray sooner in life or later in life, okay.

Female pattern thinness is just a genetic structure there’s nothing wrong with you you’re not sick you’re not lacking certain nutrition’s okay female pattern thinness occurs when your hair is thin on the top mostly and down on the sides patterns equate to reasons alright so the pattern of a female pattern thinness a genetic structure is when a woman becomes thin on the top going down the back a little bit and the sides that pattern equates or equals to female pattern thinness which is a genetic structure, alright.

So just don’t worry too much I know it’s a bad thing to lose your hair but I don’t want you to worry something’s going on what are you missing if you lose hair from a thyroid if you use hair lose hair from malnutrition or you’re lacking something it doesn’t happen in that pattern it happens in any or all areas of your head, okay.

Now you could have genetic thinness female pattern thinness and you could be lacking something or have a thyroid problem and it might speed that up but generally female pattern thinness is that pattern thin on the whole top a little going down the back and the sides okay so that’s female pattern thinness please keep that in mind, alright.

Now our quote for today is when you realize the simple art of incremental improvement you’ll realize you can achieve anything what that means incremental improvement things happen slow when you realize that you can learn anything little baby steps never say you can’t do something you can do anything you want you just have to follow the principle of incremental improvement, what that means is learn one baby step at a time consistently small steps consistently will make you realize, you can do anything so please keep that in mind, okay.

Now stay tuned for our next limitless hair expert video alight. And that will be about “how and why your hair cannot grow”. And I’ll see you soon…

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