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Why Balance is the Main Key to Naturalness and Flexibility

Hello. And welcome to another Limitless Hair Care video and my name is Dino and today’s video is why balance is the main key to naturalness and flexibility. Now when I say balance I mean balance of your hair and when I’m talking about balance of your hair I mean both if it’s your own hair 100% of your own hair or if you’re adding hair it means both so here’s what balance means balance means when you have a head of hair whether it’s all yours or whether you have added hair when you have balance it means that every area of your entire head has the same exact density, alright.

When you have an imbalance it means that a certain area or areas have an imbalance so example when you go thin that’s an imbalance you might have thicker hair on the sides and thinner here so when you create balance then you have the easiest head of hair to style to deal with all right now I want to tell you them most hairdressers miss this and most hair addition specialists when I say hair addition specialists I mean people and companies that do hair addition hair replacement most of the methods that add hair miss the principle of balance that’s why this is so incredibly important.

Another way looking at balance is you should be able to literally hang upside down and have you here inverted upside down like a sort of like your hair sticking out like a porcupine and if you look through every area of your head every area of your head should be the same exact density and if it’s not then two things should happen if it’s all your own hair your hair has to be cut in a very different kind of way unfortunately most hairdressers don’t know how to do it but some do has to be cut in a different way where the thinner areas have to be cut longer and the thicker areas of the because a little shorter.

And there’s an art and finesse to doing this to make it a little bit more balanced even though it won’t be a hundred percent more balanced but the bigger thing is when you’re adding hair when you’re adding hair you have to create balance so let’s say for example you’re thin on top and you’re a little bit thin on the sides and you’re thicker on the back that’s three areas with different densities that would mean you have to add more on the top less on the sides and none in the back to make it equally in balance, alright.

And if you look on our website you’ll see the method by Invisible called hair stranding that creates this balance so please remember balance it’s very, very important all right if you want more information about balance then contact us and we’ll explain how this method of Invisible, alright also called hair stranding will create balance for you alright so now our quote for today is for every move there is a counter move please leave by live by this principle this principle derived from me taking martial arts, I took martial arts for many years.

And I learned from martial arts that there for every move there’s a counter move so I took that principle and I lived by that principle through life and what that means is that anything that happens in life you could counteract it there’s a counter action to anything that happens to you and you have to remember that and when you live by that principle what happens is you have an easier life and a more progressive life and a happier life so please remember that principle right for every move there is a counter move now for our next limitless hair expert video please watch the next one.

And that is about thinning what is the most or the number one reason why women. So please see this next video. I’ll see you soon. Thanks

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