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Maximize The Benefits Of Hair Relaxers or Texturiser & Help You Grow Hair

Hello. This is Dino here. And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video where we combine both hair expertises, when I say hair expertise, I mean expertise on your hair or expertise on form of adding hair or growing hair, alright, a fixing hair a kind of way. So expertise on hair and self-improving combined and welcome to another series, this series or video is about how to Make Relaxers grow your hair. Now this is also very important when I say something about this, most Relaxers or talk to the industry, when I say the industry – I mean the Individual consumer and I mean of Hair dressers, most Hair dressers thinks Relaxers are for making the hair straighten, that’s not true alright and now came with something called Texturizers, but some unique about texturizers, texturizers relax the hairs and texture to it, don’t relax the hair all the way.

Well here is the important thing Relaxers do the same thing, it just amount a matter of leaving on less time. So how do you make relaxers grow your hair, here’s the key, you want to think of your hair on scalp, one being crawl your Kinky and ten being Bone straight alright. Now most hair dressers think when you suppose to put relaxers on and do a good job and bring it to straight, but here is key thing, the straighter you make hair chemically, the weaker you make hair. Please don’t forget that the straighter you make hair the weaker you make hair, so closure on that scalp one very curlier kinky and ten bone straight, when you get closer to ten to get closure to week, So anybody relaxing your hair or you relaxing your hair to a ten it’s max or even to a nine you are making your hair week and what happen is when time goes on your hair break a little and grow a little bit, break a little bit and grow a little bit. But conversely, if you relaxed it only up to seven, maybe an eight or you relaxed it to six or five, what that mean is you are taking it off sooner and leaving the texture still on the hair and when you under relaxed you are leaving the hair strong because remember one is curlier kinky – ten is bone straight. (Strong – Weakest) stay somewhere in a middle and hair stay strong.

So you relaxed your every time and you only bringing it over seven or eight maybe or eighteen under, leaving a texture still on the hair, then your hair will stay strong and little grow. Now, please don’t worry if you want to work your hair on bone straight, statically you can work on bone straight, what I mean by that is let say If they only relaxed your hair to only five and a strong textured to it’s there, you can just so blow dryer, iron it and make it bone straight and still have your bone straight hair, but don’t make it bone straight chemically, okay. So please follow these instructions and remember a texturizer if you leave it to longer then it will do the same like relaxer, it will make your hair bone straight & weak.

Somebody just came up with a term texturizer and a product, it doesn’t mean it stops. If you leave it on hair too long it will make your hair bone straight & weak, so you can get the same results from a texturizer as you can from relaxer, just take it off sooner, like cooking the food less, so please remember that alright.

So know let’s get our quote for today, a quote for today is a following which is very very interesting okay and that is your mind The more your mind remembers the more it CAN remembers because your mind is a muscle that could weaken or build continuously now let me explained you what that means, your mind builds from remembering more. A lot of people think, Oh I am more stress out! I got too much to remember! Ah I can remember all this!  It’s Actually OPPOSITE of that alright, your mind the more your mind remembers, the stronger it gets. Here is the reason why, your brain has over 100 billion Brain Cells and each individual brain cells have 20000 Dendrite, dendrites are like little branches, alright. The word dendrites is derived from a Greek word ‘Branches’ so each individual cells have 20000 branches, it just lookalike like a spider, alright. Every time you remember something or study something each individual brain cell with its dendrites electrically connect to each other and the more connections the more your brain remembers, so the more you studies and the more the you remember things, the more the electrically connections they area and the more links to each other, so that’s how it’s technically works so please remember that, to give an example Albert Einstein they found the most electrical connections in his brain more than any other human being, because he used his brain a most.

It’s a good example, so I am telling you that because don’t ever get stressed. Keep learning, Keep breathing, Keep memorising, the more you do that it’s nothing to do with your age, the more your brain will remember more. So please remember that and follow that principle. Now are next limitless hair expert videos is How your Hair was Skyrocket your self-esteem and I will see you soon. Thankyou.

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