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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Wigs

Hello Dino here, And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video tutorial, I am Dino and I am your host. We combine top hair expert advice and limitless growth together because we believe that it’s combine self-improvement and top hair expert advice. Today’s subject is how to avoid the pitfalls of wigs. I want to get clarity about the wigs alright, wigs cover the entire head alright and when they cover the entire head, it’s not so healthy for you, so all time you should wear wigs, wigs should be worn so that the clothing type of specific type of look, specific hair colour, specific hair style, that’s when you wear wig is only like party your dress wear. If you like changing up then you wear wigs, but when you wear wigs they should be worn only as part of your outfit and you should take them off as soon as you can because they’re not healthy the smothering on the hair, now next if you have hair loss you should not be wearing a wig to cover your hair loss.

Here’s the reason why:-

  1. It’s not healthy
  2. It covers and even psychologically in your mind you know that you’re covering and the word covering sort of ties into your behind something alright. You’re covering something you’re hiding something so it’s not a good feeling to do that it’s fine to do it as a style because now you’re not doing it to cover up you’re doing as a fashion and you were in different wigs of different looks alright as from a fashion standpoint but when you have thin hair and you’re wearing it on top of your thin hair.

A again it’s not healthy for the existing hair it will cause you to lose more hair faster and B is just not good psychologically because you’re covering which means hiding so please understand that alright.

You’re better off getting other means of adding hair if you have thin hair there’s many other ways to add hair that’ll keep your hair healthy, that’ll also let you utilize your own hair all right but don’t work anything that goes on top of it because when you put something on top it’s not healthy for your existing hair. So please remember that about wigs now in reference to adding hair if your hair is thin there is a method that we offer it’s on the Invisablend website where we add hair in between the existing hair, so then that way you feel more comfortable because you’re utilizing your own hair and that’s what you want to do, you want to think if you’re adding hair you want to think along the elements of enhancement. So I’ll give you an example think of makeup makeup you don’t put on to change your face you put makeup on to enhance the beautiful features that you have enhancement.

So that’s the best way to add hair to add hair in between your hair to enhance the hair that you have not to cover it up, so please remember that and always remember what wigs are for therefore if you want to switch a style a lot, but they’re not to be worn permanently all the time there’s one more thing to as you know that you probably know about wigs. I would say and that is they’re not so secure all right when somebody has a wig on they’re always thinking in their mind everywhere they’re going how’s it look how’s it feel is it secure it doesn’t give you a very secure feeling and you want to be very relaxed about your appearance you want to be very confident about your appearance and a wig will not give you that confidence at all and again unless you’re wearing it maybe you’re going to wear a blue color wig or a different color wig and you’re wearing it with your style and that’s your thing then that’s fine so I just want to put wigs in the proper perspective all right so please consider that very very closely alright and please think about when to wear wigs or when you should wear wigs and when you shouldn’t wear wigs

Now our quote for today is when you think things through in detail calmly and confidently clarity becomes the result now what that means is the following think things through in detail there is a guy named ‘Thomas J Watson’ he was the founder of IBM if you’re not familiar with IBM – massive billion-dollar company he was the founder and he used to say to his people that worked on the staff think things through in detail relax think things through when you sit down and calmly think things through you get more clarity you can think things through while you’re driving you can sit in your favourite chair, but think things through very very calmly and when you do that what happens is you get so much more clarity out of the situation and then you resolve the situation and feel better about the situation. So I hope that makes sense to you so please follow that advice all of these quotes have a strong meeting a meaning to them and all these quotes you should in bread them into your life that’s the purpose of me giving these quotes not just to hear a quote, but to hear a quote figure it out or listen to me give the meaning behind it and think about it in your life for the purpose of following a certain principle in your life it makes my life a lot more fun a lot more easy and a lot more progressive also, if that’s where you’re going. So now our next video is going to be ‘What are the three most natural points of adding hair’ and I’ll see you soon.

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