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What are the Three Most Natural Tips for Adding Hair

Hello Dino here, And welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video and today’s subject is What are the three most natural points to adding hair this is something that you should follow certain principles that you should follow when you’re looking into adding hair, you want to follow these three key points:-

1.      Add one hair at a time think about this your own hair grows out of your head, we all know this grow that he had one hair at a time, so if you’re adding hair, one hair at a time, you’re duplicating the same way it grows out of the head, that’s step number one step.

2.      Utilize your own hair when you utilize your own hair instead of covering it all right a lot of hair replacements, a lot of hair extensions, a lot of hair methods of adding hair they tied down your hair, they cover your hair, they remove your hair that’s not a good feeling you don’t want to remove something to add something, you want to enhance something because you feel more like it’s still me. I’m just enhancing myself okay and it’s a much better feeling and a more natural look. So what I mean by utilize your own hair you want to add hair in between your existing hair leave all your hair free leave your scalp fully accessible. So if you can add let’s put these two together one hair at a time and you put one here at a time in between your hair you’re still utilizing your hair which is another natural element and you’re still being able to feel and see your hair if you pull your hair you’re pulling your hair and the added hair you know no difference so that’s the second point.

3.      Duplicate a natural hair line if you’re adding hair somewhere up front you want to duplicate a hair line, How do you duplicate a hair line you follow? What a natural hair line? Does a natural hair line number one is uneven hair lines are not straight okay. They’re very very uneven all right even when this sort of straight there the thinner on the temples they’re very even.

So when you add hair you always want to add hair and an uneven way when it’s added unevenly you’re duplicating natural hair growth, another thing is added for duplicating hair line is add hair in different lengths, when your hair grows out of your head all the hairs are not the same length even if you think they are they’re not because what happens is there’s a cycle hair falls out new hair goes in you always have different lengths in there and if you ever comb your hair or line back or look at somebody’s nice hairline slicked back you’ll never see that all the hairs are the exact length there’s different hair lengths there’s little shorter ones little meaning ones little longer ones.

So when you’re adding hair to duplicate a hairline you want to add different lens throughout another thing in most cases unless your hair is black or very dark brown and even then so you should still do this shadings you should always put in slightly different shadings along the front hairline because that way if you put different shadings it softens the hairline alright that makes sense to you just slightly different colors to be two steps later one step later and with your regular hair color and it will create a much more softer look. So let’s summarize you what you want to do is add one hair a time follow that principle one hair at a time you want to utilize your own hair because that’s a natural element and you want to duplicate the same way hair goes out of a hairline when you combine them you have a very very natural hairline so please give that some thought okay.

Now our quote for today is the following and that is ‘God gives us gifts wrapped in problems the bigger the problem the bigger the gift’ some of you might have heard this is a very common statement but just in case you did or you didn’t want to explain that saving because you should live by this philosophy and that is whenever you come across a problem it’s technically a gift that’s hidden because the problems are meant for us to kind of figure them out and blow through them and pass them because every time you figure out a problem you grow that’s the purpose of having a problem all right and the more problems you get the more you grow all right.

So it’s an attitude sort of thing, but it really is true if you really think about it think back on any problem that you’ve conquered even if it’s a small problem any probably you conquered you grow from that all right so that’s the meaning behind that remember life will always have problems it’s part of the system that was given to us give us problems. So we can figure them out and blow past them so we can grow and become better of ourselves and also grow and be more happy all right problems will always be around so please remember that and for our next video please watch it the video is titled ‘How to get the best results out of a Hair Extension and I’ll see you soon.

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