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Do You Think About Your Hair More Than Ten Minutes A Day

Hello and Welcome to another Limitless Hair Expert video where we combined expert hair advice with self-improvement advice and my name is Dino and today’s subject is “Do you think about your hair more than 10 minutes a day” I heard that phrase many many years ago and it really made an impact in me because what I found out and helping people through the years I’m a hairdresser I’ve been in the business of adding hair or in the field of adding hair and helping people since 1975 and what I found out is a lot of people that don’t have a clear head all right I’ll tell you what I mean by that in reference to their hair I found some people that they would be very upset about their hair and theirs their life through the day they’re thinking about their hair or you might say they’re thinking about their hair more than ten minutes a day and that sort of blocks their life it interrupts their life and that’s not good if you’re not happy with your hair whether it’s the volume of your hair or whatever it is please do something about it research find out what to do you can always go to our website because we have a very unique revolutionary concept but do something make the move.

Now also I’ve seen other people that had problems with their hair and they would wear hair and what I mean by wearing hair some of them had a hair extension some of them had a hair system of some sort similar and wigs but even though they had somewhat solved their hair problem which really wasn’t totally true because they weren’t clear-headed about it which I’m going to explain that in a minute that is they walk around still thinking about their hair every time they walk in front of a light they take a picture they’re always thinking about how’s my hair is my hair secure does it look good all right now whether your hair is thin and you’re walking around thinking about your hair more than 10 minutes a day or a lot or whether you have hair added in some sort of way and you’re still thinking about your hair you’re not enjoying life properly enough.

So I want to give myself as an example okay I have hair at it okay I do not think about my hair all right meaning if I’m in the shower if I’m thrown in a pool if I manage else I don’t think about my hair because the way I feel about my hair is that it looks and feels 100% natural and I just want to enjoy life yes I think about my hair when I get in the mirror and I fix my hair I style my hair I think about my hair oh I’m getting a haircut I’m styling it different that’s okay but don’t walk through the day or spend the day off and on thinking about your hair / worrying about your hair okay so you should get to a point of enjoying your hair whether it’s your own hair and you got to fix it just so or whether you have to add hair and if you need our help you can always look in a website in reference to what we do and how we add hair to see if that’s the right fit for you okay but the ending of this I want to tell you you shouldn’t be walking around thinking about your hair you should be enjoying life and that in conference that your hair looks natural no matter what you do and that’s how I feel using myself as an example alright

So now I’m going to give you the quote for today the quote for today compound interest is the most powerful force on the universe that’s by ‘Albert Einstein’ now why would I break out that it’s a financial statement because I’m going to tie something in those principles or in that quote in that quote there’s two key principles principle number one is consistency and principle number one is sorry principle number two is multiplication so two principles inside that quote consistency and multiplication alright now what does that mean because I want you to think about that quote and take the meaning of that quote into a different area all right when you’re consistent about anything you want to do anything you want to achieve even if you want to improve your health improve your appearance when you’re consistent what happens is the consistency multiplies and elevate you higher and higher and higher conversely when you’re inconsistent or consistent in the other direction you don’t take care of yourself then that induces you to not take care of yourself more but when you do take care of yourself it induces you to take care of yourself more which induces you to take care of yourself more and it starts multiplying and you start elevating. So please remember that principle and I’m invite you to our next limitless hair expert video and that is the hair elevation story hope to see you soon.

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